Where the Gays Meet in Bali

Published Date Author: , May 11th, 2014

The Round Bar - Ubud, BaliThe Round Bar, situated in front of D’omah Hotel and managed by the same crew as the Rainbow Tourism Accredited resort and spa, is Ubud’s first bar serving exotic premium cocktails and sangria from special recipes.

This is a hot meeting place for local gay and lesbian community as well as LGBT tourists staying at the hotel or wandering up from town…a 15 minute stroll from Ubud’s buzzing main road. Locals and visitors are finding this a fun place to visit after dark, for the cocktails, wine and beer selections, sexy tapas and live acoustic and DJ performances.

via Rainbow Tourism | Indonesia Gay Travel Resources

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dee - Gravatar

www.rainbowtourism.asia dee said on May 12, 2014, 6:37 pm:

The Round Bar’s “Rainbow Sangria” was named for me (The Rainbow Rambler. It’s my office when in Ubud, close to Warung Mendez where local LGBT business owners and visitors like me hold a networking dinner on Thursday night. Hot (spicy) goat leg is the special and there’s always a cold Bintang to wash it down over conversation.

Rohan Tandon - Gravatar

50firststeps.com Rohan Tandon said on May 17, 2017, 4:26 am:

Hey! Thanks for this info, will be sure to check it out.
I was wondering if you’ve heard of any gay traveler’s hostels in Bali. While I found a hotel and some gay-freidnly resorts, I haven’t been able to find hostels yet.
Take care,

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