The Grand Canyon of Jordan – Wadi Mujib

Published Date Author: , March 7th, 2014

Wadi Mujib

Should you be traveling in Jordan by rental car or on a road trip with a local chauffeur, insist that you take the King’s Highway where you pass a lot of interesting, historical places back in Biblical Times. This is the same route that takes you all the way to Petra, Jordan’s national pride and to Wadi Rum where the desert is a visual feast of colours.

Wadi MijibThe views along the King’s Highway are stunning, though there are times when you see nothing but the vast expanse of a lonely desert cut through by an equally lonely highway that stretches like a straight arrow at some point. The sunset is painfully beautiful and you hear nothing but silence from afar.

But the most exciting part of the road trip would be passing Highway 35, snaking through the beautiful valley of death. Here on this highway, you’ll find Wadi Mujib – The Grand Canyon of Jordan.

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