Safety Tips for Gay Travelers

Published Date Author: , March 4th, 2014

gay-travel1-250x250In early 2013, the US State Department released some safety tips aimed specifically at gay travellers. Most travel safety tips are the same regardless of your sexual orientation, but in certain countries gay and lesbian travelers have to be especially aware of the environment around them. Because of this, here is a reminder of some of those safety tips sanctioned by the US Government, as well as some extra safety tips it would make sense to bear in mind. Much of this is common sense, but if you think ‘safety’ as you travel then you can be sure of an uneventful and thoroughly enjoyable vacation!

Do your Research

Before you book your vacation take a little time to do some research into the country you’re thinking of travelling to. Right now Russia, for example, is not the best country for gay tourists to be visiting. Remember that cultural differences are still relevant, and many countries aren’t as welcoming to same sex couples as others. Last year a bed and breakfast in the UK refused to allow a gay couple to stay in their accomodation: their decision was ultimately overturned by the high court, but by that point the vacation of the couple involved had been ruined.

Bearing this in mind, you should always reserve your hotel room with knowledge. Take to the internet to find out how welcoming to gay people the country you’re wishing to visit is. Some hotels won’t allow same-sex guests to stay in a room with one bed: you may find you are put in a room with twin beds or even separate rooms. It’s best to inquire before booking, to avoid any upset when you arrive at your destination hotel.

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