Columbus, Ohio – Paradise for Foodies?

Published Date Author: , March 28th, 2014

Ohio mapThink of Columbus, and most likely the words “exciting” or “foodie” do not immediately come to mind. Nowadays, though, this Midwestern city is quietly developing a surprisingly sophisticated foodie scene to rival that of the coastal metropolises – and, this being the Midwest, eating out is far more affordable than on the coasts, and doesn’t require putting your name on a waiting list for a table.

Long-established places such as The Refectory and Rigsby’s Kitchen are solid choices for classic French and Italian cuisine, but tend to be priced on the higher end ($16 to $35 for an entree).

For dining that is more affordable (and arguably has more character) head out to Bethel Road, which is home to a surprising number of hidden Asian restaurants and businesses. The Korean grocery and cafe, Arirang (1526 Bethel Road) serves an excellent Dolsot Bibimbap (a mixed rice, vegetable, and meat dish served in a hot stone bowl), accompanied by traditional banchan, a selection of small dishes that change every day, and hot barley tea for less than $10.

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