Visiting Wadi Rum – The Red Planet

Published Date Author: , February 12th, 2014

Wadi Rum - Jordan - Alain the SojournerI finally understood what the “sands of time” means. Wadi Rum, in Jordan, taught me that. Its vastness, its beauty, its magnificence stupefied me. It’s not your ordinary desert of plain golden sand.

It’s a desert that defies stereotypes of an arid, solitary piece of nature–hues of red, pink, gold, black and brown blend together harmoniously, creating a rugged but charming vistas that bewitch visitors, strangers, warriors, wanderers, lovers and royalties.

Here, in Wadi Rum, “the crimson sunset on its stupendous cliffs and slanted ladders of hazy fire down its walled avenue,” you retrace the footprints of the history of the Great Arab Revolt led by T.E. Lawrence and the warriors of King Faisal.

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