Visiting the River Jordan

Published Date Author: , February 10th, 2014

River Jordan - AlainWith compelling historical, archaeological and biblical evidences presented, a small area in River Jordan has caused religious leaders of the Christian world to declare it as the actual Baptism Site, where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, who was then reluctant to do such honor to the Son of God.

Do I sound like a clergy now?

Forty-five minutes drive from Amman, Bethany Beyond the Jordan, as it was called in the Bible, doesn’t boast of something that’s common to most tourists attractions: amazing structure and breathtaking landscapes.

The patch of land surrounding the Baptism Site is plain boring and it doesn’t have a developed infrastructure. It doesn’t have the glamour of Louvre Museum in Paris nor the awesome interior of Sistine Chapel in Rome. Not even one percent of the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica nor the might of the Amazon River. It looks just like an ordinary farmland.

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