Safe Travel for Women in Costa Rica

Published Date Author: , February 15th, 2014

Woman TravelerIn my travels, I have come across single women around the world who say, “I’d like to travel, but I don’t have anyone to go with.” Having traveled alone, I asked what was stopping them. What I found was a mixture of fears and concerns:

Blending In

Amanda Heckart from California shared, “My biggest fear is looking like a tourist because it seems to lend itself to safety issues. Will I get mugged because I look like I don’t belong? If I get lost, will I be able to find someone approachable for help? Do I have adequate resources or access to resources if I need them?”

In my experience, blending in is helpful, but not required. Looking like a backpacker, for example, does not make you a target, as long as you travel modestly, without jewelry and name brand everything. Backpackers in general travel with little money or valuable belongings, therefore, pose no threat in this role. Don’t wear diamonds, or other expensive jewelry or watches. Also, be careful about flashing iPhones, iPads, or other expensive electronics. In certain countries, those devices, if stolen, could feed a family for a year. Don’t tempt them.

Authored By Shannon Enete – See the Full Story at the Costa Rica Star

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