Our Own Private Island in Thailand

Published Date Author: , February 27th, 2014

Khai Nui Island, ThailandThe ad at my local hostel said that, for 1,000 Baht ($30), we’ll get to stay in a private island for a day. Too good to be true, two of us booked it and set to go on a Wednesday (mid-week), when only few people will be around. That’s what we were told. But, of course, we doubted it. Phuket, in the southernmost part of Thailand, is always crowded; heavily infested with dirty old men looking for or escorted by Thai women they could brag back home. Not to mention the ladyboys and money boys that abound the Paradise Complex near Patong Beach.

While Patong Beach is alive and sleazy at night, there’s not much to do during the day–but go and join on island hopping tours, which mostly include going to Kho Phi Phi or better known as The Beach, named after the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

A day before we booked our trip to Khai Nui Island, a fellow backpacker and I already did one of those island hopping tours. All we wanted to do on a day before our flight back to our respective universes was to relax in an island where we could do nothing but read, sleep, swim, snorkel, walk, talk and bury our feet on the sand. Both of us never wanted to get our tan. Not because we want to be white (he’s European) but because too much sun causes wrinkles. There, I just spilled one of my secrets to staying young! :))

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