Eleven Things to Do in Indianapolis

Published Date Author: , February 27th, 2014

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Indianapolis is that place where the big race happens every year. But in recent years, much like its neighbors, Indy has ramped up its efforts to bring the surrounding nature into the city, creating a lusher, more inviting urban stretch. From dedicated walking and biking trails, to cool new exhibits, there’s more to look forward to than sporting events in this Midwestern city. Here are our picks…

1. Get artsy along the Cultural Trail. The Cultural Trail’s eight miles of biking and walking paths make exploring downtown Indy easier than ever. Connecting the city’s six cultural districts, the network of trails offers public art and new landscaping along the way. (We think the “storm water plants,” which help absorb rainwater and prevent sewer flooding, are especially cool.) Don’t miss the Prairie Module solar panel sculpture or the tech-y Swarm Street installation, which sprinkles you with motion-triggered LED lights as you pass.

2. Book it on a bike. Just a year after the Cultural Trail’s opening, a bikeshare program will give visitors another way to see the city. It works like many others: for a 24-hour, three-day, or annual membership, you can check bikes in and out at 25 kiosks. All stations are within two miles of downtown. Prices haven’t yet been determined.

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