Costa Rica – A Gay Travel Paradise

Published Date Author: , August 31st, 2013

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Costa Rica feels like paradise because of its lush jungles, spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife, and varied landscape – all for less than you’d pay for a trip anywhere in Europe. But for gay and lesbian travelers in particular, Costa Rica has gained a well-earned reputation as a comfortable place to visit. True, its discos won’t rival those of New York or London, and its gay scene isn’t as big as the one in Amsterdam or Sydney.

But where else can you climb a volcano with your partner during the day, then kick the dust off your boots and find a place to watch a drag queen lip-synch at night?

You could spend years here and not see everything, but there’s a great itinerary that’s popular with first-time visitors. It’ll give you a taste of several different parts of the country – a bit of urban life, a bit of jungle, and a spell on the beach. You’ll have opportunities to flex your muscles if you’re the athletic type, or time to take it easy if you’re not – or if you’re traveling with kids. Tour operators offer all-gay tours, but it’s easy enough to set one up on your own, and you’ll meet plenty of gay people along the way. Most importantly, nobody will bother you in Costa Rica; the local motto is “pura vida,” which means “pure life” but loosely translates as “life is good, so don’t sweat it.”

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