Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle – The Great Pacific Northwest

Published Date Author: , June 8th, 2013

Seattle Aerial ViewWith the past couple centuries of North American “settlement” moving east to west, it’s no wonder that the great Pacific Northwest might seem somewhat untamed, relative to much of the continent. It’s also no wonder that residents, particularly the transplants, continue to be awed by the natural beauty.

“I tell my Midwest relatives that every day I’ve lived in the Northwest, I’ve seen something too pretty to be real,” says former Chicagoan Tim Joyce, who lives in Seattle with his partner and works as a meteorologist and reporter for Seattle’s Q13 Fox affiliate and as chief meteorologist at Portland, Ore.’s CW station.

The beauty might be a waterfall, a field of tulips or a mountaintop. Or it might be a cityscape in one of the area’s three major metropolises: Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Timothy Christian, a Seattle-based flight attendant who also claims Midwest roots, shares Joyce’s wonderment with his new home.

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