Krave Massive Bar Opens in Vegas

Published Date Author: , June 24th, 2013

Krave Massive LogoLas Vegas got a little gayer this last weekend with the opening of the largest gay bar in the world. On Top Magazine reports:

On Saturday, the club opened one of its dance floors and its main lobby to challenge Privilege Ibiza, located near San Rafael on the Spanish Island of Ibiza, as the world’s largest gay club. The massive 84,000 square foot nightclub houses five themed dance rooms, three bars, a martini lounge, a VIP lounge, two stages – one for comedy, the other for performing arts theater – a gift shop, a theater operated by all-gay Guest House Films, and a lesbian dance club.

84,000 square feet! That’s like 56 large two-bedroom apartments! When can we go?

Click here for gay travel resources in Nevada.

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