A Culinary Adventure in Puebla, Mexico

Published Date Author: , May 5th, 2013

Looking for really good Mexican food? Look no further than Puebla, Mexico – Sherman’s Travel profiles this foodie paradise:

Forget what you think you know about Mexican food. Forget margaritas, fajitas, guacamole and tequila. Let me tell you a tale of Mexico that has little (okay, nothing) to do with what you order at Chipotle or Taco Bell. Instead let me open your eyes to pork, cheese, chocolate, and chilies (and perhaps a grasshopper, or two). This is the tale of Puebla – Mexico’s original foodie destination. Puebla, the fourth largest city in Mexico and 75 miles outside of Mexico City, is a colonial town that is well known by the avid traveler to Mexico. Puebla is all about teasing your senses. It bursts with brilliant colors. Walls boast broad graffiti murals, while homes are painted the spectrum from Easter egg pastels to slow-burning oranges. The streets hum with a buzz of activity. And clouds of smoke waft from roadside stalls turning out slow-grilled meats.

For more information on this culinary destination, click the link above.

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