Leave Your Daily Hell’s 2012 in Review

Published Date Author: , December 31st, 2012

Gay Travel: Leave Your Daily Hell's 2012 in ReviewAs I mentioned in a post of a more esoteric nature last week, 2012 was in some ways my most travel-filled year. In said post, however, I downplayed the amount of time I spent abroad (eight months) by mentioning the fact that I’d visited just 12 countries, “only” eight of which were “new” to me.

Going back through the proverbial archives, however, I realize my modesty couldn’t be more misplaced — I was all over in 2012! Here’s a brief look at all the traveling I did this year.


Last Christmas, I rewarded myself for a year of hard work by using my frequent flier miles to purchase a ticket to Australia. I fondly remember being interrogated on the jetbridge at San Francisco International Airport prior to boarding my plane on January 31.

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