Party Leader Says Bermuda Government Should Challenge Frommer’s Warning to Gay Travelers

Published Date Author: , September 30th, 2012

Government should “reach out” to travel guide Frommer’s about its warning that Bermuda is repressive to gay people, says the United Bermuda Party. Kim Swan, interim leader of the UBP, said that his party wants “a Bermuda that is fair and welcoming to all”.

Frommer’s travel advisory to Gay and Lesbian travellers “is extremely serious with far reaching repercussions for Bermuda as a welcoming destination for all people,” Mr Swan said.

The advisory, as reported in The Royal Gazette last month, says: “Think twice before planning a holiday on Bermuda. Although many gays live in and visit Bermuda, the Island is rather repressive to homosexuals, and for most of its existence, Bermuda had laws making sex between consenting legal-age males a crime subject to imprisonment.

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