Gay Travel Fashion – It’s All About the Luggage

Published Date Author: , September 29th, 2012

Gay Travel Fashion - It's All About the LuggageWhen traveling, a bag shouldn’t just be about being big enough to fit everything in it, easy to hold, carry or pull, safe and waterproof – function is of course important, but fashion should not be sacrificed for it. A bag should match our outfit or personality, or at least stand out from the crowd – so many of us have been there waiting for our luggage to come out of the baggage claim area in an airport and we can’t fully remember what ours looked like because it’s so plain and boring. Or we’ve done the mean thing of judging someone because their bag is ugly.

Are you in need of some new ideas for travel bags and suitcases to take with you when you go away? If so, here are a handful of ones we think you should check out, all of which are unisex.

Carrying big boom boxes around seems to be all the rage these days when it comes to urban life and street cred, and you can’t get much bigger than this cool, hard-cased luggage by SUITSUIT (#116). Suitable for use as hand luggage at just 20 inches tall and super lightweight, this sleek little luggage is compact, yet stylish. And while most luggages’ wheels are usually left to be plain and unnoticeable, this one, with its mini racing car-like wheels definitely makes it look a bit snazzier.

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