France Offers Sophisticated Gay Travel

Published Date Author: , September 29th, 2012

France Offers Sophisticated Gay TravelAs the dog days of summer march steadily toward the fall I decided to get away for a relaxing summer vacation. The only issue was where I should go. I decided to check out the hottest new gay destination in southern Europe, so I packed my bags and headed to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France.

The South of France has long enjoyed an unparalleled reputation with jet setters seeking relaxation in a rustic Mediterranean locale with good food and wine. However, as I learned in my trip throughout the region there are more than charming villages and pastoral landscapes awaiting Atlanta’s luxury-seeking travelers.

Begin your trek toward vacation bliss by catching an Air France flight to Montpellier connecting in Paris from the stunning new international terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson. If you want to enjoy a little time in Paris be sure to leave yourself at least six or seven hours between flights. Montpellier is nestled between Marseilles and Perpignan on the southern coast of France just six miles from the Mediterranean Sea. Landing in Montpellier is a true delight as the tiny French airport and Mediterranean Sea air quickly remind you that you have arrived in a truly unique destination.

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