72 Hours in St. Tropez

Published Date Author: , September 29th, 2012

Gay Travel: 72 Hours in St. TropezHi there…. yes been away for a over two weeks. Don’t call me lazy !!! I have been traveling extensively to share more stories, haute experiences and tips with you you all. Today writing my column right from Nice in the South of France, after spending 72 hours in Sain Tropez, having my own Tropezziene experience. The only missing item on my list, well to see or meet Brigitte Bardot, one of the icons that gave a soul and name to this destination, maybe next time.

Saint Tropez, is located in the French Riviera, 2 hours away from Nice or Cannes, and 65 mi to the east of Marseille in the region of Provence in the southeastern France. Known today as the playgroung of jetsetter, fashion models, the famous and extremely wealthy summertime guests. This is all began for Brigitte Bardot, she was “discovered” in Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez became what it is today after World War II, an internationally-known seaside resort, renowned principally because of the influx of artists of the French New Wave in cinema and the Ye-Ye movement in music.

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