Havana 24 Hours a Day

Published Date Author: , August 26th, 2012

Gay Travel: Havana 24 Hours a DayPuerta Vallarta — so 2000s. Key West — boring. The new hot spot for gay men is 90 miles south of Florida. Sleepy, mysterious Cuba may be officially off-limits to Americans, but with a little creativity is readily accessible to Texans looking for a unique Caribbean adventure.

Cubana Airlines has one daily flight departing Cancun at 3 p.m. for Havana, so any morning flight from DFW to Cancun will get you there in plenty of time for a connection. Cuba’s immigration and customs are surprisingly accommodating to Americans (they do not stamp your passport), and money is easily exchanged (the rate is roughly 97 Cuban cents to the American dollar, though with commissions it can run to 90 cents).

Havana is a city of severe contrasts. Cubans make on average the equivalent of $20 per month. Most of the residents live in multi-story concrete housing that has not been updated in years, if not decades — some even have trees growing through them. Meanwhile, Old Havana boasts homes and restaurants that have been meticulously restored, as well as great shopping.

Authored By Paul William – See the Full Story at the Dallas Voice

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