Tuscany Day Two: The Towers of San Gimignano

Published Date Author: , July 2nd, 2012

San Gimignano

San GimignanoAfter Siena and too few hours of sleep, Mark and I were exhausted, and slept on the way to our next destination, San Gimignano, our friend Bella’s favorite Tuscan hill town.

San GimignanoSan Gimignano is a beautiful city – we parked in a small lot just outside the centro storico, and walked in… the gate, of course, was covered for restoration. This has become an ongoing theme for us in Italy – something scenic is always covered, wherever we go.

When we arrived, the skies were still gray, but it was a bit warmer than it had been in Siena. We wandered up the main street, browsing in the boutique stores that lined the way.

We stopped at a little gelateria near the entry to get a little gelato – it was already five o’clock. and we were feeling snackish.

The main street is filled with ceramic shops and leather shops, and we found a couple things to take home here from a cute little kitchen store.

San Gimignano PiazzaSan Gimigiano has two linked central piazzas, very cute, one with a scenic pozzo (well) in the middle, and the whole town seems to be filled with towers.

Naked Rusted Male Statue, San GimignanoThroughout the town were newly installed, rusted metal statues of naked men, all the same, all on the same pose. Not sure where they’re going with that whole thing, but we liked it.

Tower Stairs, San GimignanoSpeaking of towers, we climbed our second one of the day here… shorter than the tower in Sienna, but less claustrophobic too.

You can see the age of these stairs by the way the stones sag in the middle – how many pairs of feet have they bourne?

View From San Gimignano TowerWe reached the top, which had two levels, and lo and behold the sun came out, giving us magnificent vistas of San Gimignano and the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

San Gimignano Tower Courtyard FrescoesWe climbed back down, and at the bottom, we found a beautiful little courtyard, filled with frescoes, and stopped to take a few photos.

From there, we continued on to explore the town, discovering a cute little courtyard with a harpist whose beautiful music drew us into the gates. She played us a haunting rendition of Greensleeves that had me captivated. We left her a couple Euro and thanked her profusely.

Marco and Fabry, DivasWe wandered back through the town, Mark and Fabry playing the divas down a long staircase.

With the sun out, we followed our original path back through the city to take some beautiful, blue-sky-filled pictures of the town.

Finally, we reached the gate once more and returned to the car, worn out from our first full day exploring Tuscany.

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