Bisbee, Arizona – Something Altogether Different

Published Date Author: , June 11th, 2012

People here like to say that, once you emerge from the Mule Pass Tunnel heading south into town, you go back in time to the Old West. They are wrong. Or, at least, not completely right. The Old West, as commonly imagined, can be found 20 miles north in Tombstone, where the OK Corral shootout happens daily at 2 p.m. as the high-desert chaparral bows in shame and the tumbleweeds scurry off.

But when the tunnel disgorges you into Bisbee, just nine miles from the Mexican border, you enter an alternative universe – geologic, psychic, political – steeped in several stages of the past.

Bisbee is an arty, quirky world populated by characters more likely to be found in the 1960s than the 1860s, free spirits who retain a sense of the town’s copper mining history but have mined their creative resources to transform this dot on the map into something altogether different.

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