Wedding Planning is officially my thing…

Published Date Author: , May 13th, 2012

Wedding Planning is officially my thing…  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  As from last night, I am officially a Wedding Planner, such an amazing and rewarding experience. Thank you Alex Greenwich and Victor Hoeld for letting me be part of your LOVE STORY. Here is a brief Photo Album of your journey here in Buenos Aires with all my love and respect. What an inspirational couple and an amazing family indeed. As Alex’s brother said last night at Estancia Villa María during his speech to the Groom+Groom… Marriage equality is more than bringing two people together… It is about bringing two families together…. Que VIVAN los novios. (Special thanks to the staff of Estancia Villa Maria, Design CE Hotel and ROJO Tango for all their help and support.)
Planning to SAY I DO…. do not hesitate to contact me, I can assist you and your Groom plan one of the most special days of your life. Argentina, Canada, Thailand, United States, …. you name it, I am there.  CM

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NEIL - Gravatar

NEIL said on May 27, 2012, 4:57 pm:

Hello and good afternoon, my name is Neil and I speck English. I live in Toronto/Canada. Myself and partner would like to come and get marry in your country (Argentina). I read a few days ago, that Argentina just passed a new law allowing same sex visitors to come to Argentina and get married.

Can you please advise if your company can organise, arrange and ensure all the necessary documentation (certificate) are prepare, ready and every go smoothly, with no delays, basically, we are looking for a wedding planner.

As we would like to come and spend a week in Argentina, get marry, spend some time and see the city.

Would appreciate you suggestion, advise.

Thank you


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