Gay Friendly Travel Ports in the Caribbean

Published Date Author: , April 19th, 2012

St. MartinThe Caribbean is a travel destination charged with rich beauty, vibrant culture- and some mixed reviews when it comes to gay-friendliness. There are always lots of things to see and do all year round in this tropical region of the world, but homophobic vibes can put a damper on any traveler’s vacation. Some Caribbean islands are more gay-friendly than others. The French, Dutch, and U.S. islands tend to embrace gay travelers, while Jamaica, Barbados, and the Cayman Islands have had some recent buzz about homophobia. Be sure to take notes on our picks from the REAL gay-friendly Caribbean before you hit the sand with drink in hand!

St. Barth

St. Barthelemy is known as a glamorous stomping ground for the rich and famous- and we don’t blame them! Its gorgeous beaches and high-end dining are truly fit for superstars, and will leave you booking regular vacations to this French island in the Caribbean. This island is loaded with gay-friendly Caribbean beaches that offer the peacefulness and beauty sought in any tropical vacation. The highlight events in this Caribbean getaway are New Years, Carnival (which happens in February), and Bastille Day. There are always things to do and people to see here though, so come visit all year round! Don’t be scared away by this island’s exclusivity.


This tiny island off the Venezuelan coast could be a gay traveler’s definition of paradise: welcoming community, crystal-clear ocean water, pristine sandy beaches. This is a top pick for the gay Caribbean-there is no specific gay neighborhood in Curacao but it seems to pride itself on being welcoming and inclusive. Curacao has opened its arms to the LGBT community, embracing gay travelers no matter the time or season. This island is the most publicly gay-friendly one in the entire Caribbean! This is a live-and-let-live kind of place so even without a gay scene Curacao is more than fulfilling.

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