Gay Travel: St. Martin

Published Date Author: , March 8th, 2012

Orient Beach, Saint MartinWhat makes your city such a great LGBT destination?

“St Martin offers vast excitement with 2 diverse cultures : Dutch & French, Exclusive selection of restaurants making it a gastronomic experience, fantastic beaches and crystal waters.

What are some hotspots gay and lesbian travelers should check out when they are in the city?

“When dining you have to stop in for a bite at Tree Lounge at Loterie Farm “Pic Paradis” – Estaminet in Grand Case – Sol e Luna in Mont Vernon. For nightlife make sure to check out Eros Club.”

“We also have a nude beach: Cupecoye – Club-Orient – Happy Bay”

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dciro - Gravatar

n/a dciro said on March 12, 2012, 8:36 am:

Struggling Spanish learner in Yucatan, artist and nudist:
Spent a great 2 weeks in the 90’s at club Orient. Eating cocnuts,rented a car and had lunch in a french restaurant every other day. visited other sites on both sides of the island. Met a
older french artist and we exchanged small sketches. Most fun was posing naked with each guy from places like Cleveland and Erie,and Toledo as their wives took our pictures near club Orient.
Try playing tennis with out pockets for the other ball???

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