Fundamental Questions Being Asked About WeHo Pride

Published Date Author: , January 18th, 2012

WeHo PrideTuesday night’s regular City Council meeting will deal with commonplace municipal issues such as parking structures, parks, election reform and Advisory Board appointments.

Also on the agenda sits a potentially world-changing item, a report on and discussion of West Hollywood’s LA Gay Pride Parade and Festival’s future. Brought to the table by first-year council member John D’Amico at the last regular meeting of 2011, he raised constituents’ and visitors’ concerns about Pride’s lack of relevance to them.

“I think there is a serious disconnect for a lot of people on that event,” about which he has heard much criticism since his March election. He said he heard from people who called the event “lame” and unbecoming the film capital of the world, “especially with so many creative people living in it.”

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