Argentina: Gay Cruise Cancelled After Disappointing Ticket Sales

Published Date Author: , December 30th, 2011

Gay CruiseSuccessfully establishing Out Now as an LGBT marketing agency in Australia two decades ago, and then taking it global, has taught me one very important lesson: what looks easy to others can often be fiendishly difficult to achieve in practice.

Marketing success that can appear effortless to outsiders usually has one bedrock ingredient – consistent, hard work. I have also learned by observation that many of the worst kinds of failures in the area of marketing to gays and lesbians tend to happen when the organizers of such initiatives start to believe their own publicity.

That seems to have happened this past week when a much discussed ‘first ever gay cruise in Latin America’ – planned by organizers to sail with around 2,000 gay passengers failed to depart as planned – when sales of tickets to gay paying passengers topped “barely” 100 berths.

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Gay Travel Hawaii - Gravatar Gay Travel Hawaii said on January 6, 2012, 4:34 am:

Sometimes when we think of it closely no matter what we do there is no stability into anything and it is just too bad that they were not able to read in between the lines.

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