Sailing the Greek Islands

Published Date Author: , August 5th, 2011
by Willem, GaySail
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Gay Greece

The ancient sailing area of Greece is the oldest destination of Gay Sail. Like a Greek God you can enjoy this calm water, sunny weather and all that Greece has to offer. Greece offers sun, culture, spectacular landscapes and delicious food and hospitality in the taverns.

From the Marina in Athens, you can take a ship to explore some of the most beautiful, legendary Greek Islands.

Sounion is the perfect place to see an ancient, beautiful temple, and for a refreshing dive in the waters of the Adriatic.

The island of Kea has a few bays where you can anchor, and on top of this island sits the picturesque town of Kea.

On the west side of Kithnos, there’s a bay with an interesting sand bar for swimming and great pictures. You can take a hike up to top of the island were the white chora (town) lies. And on the east side there is an ancient Greek/Roman mineral spring which is interesting to visit.

Gay GreeceSiros is an island that in the 18th and 19th century was the commercial and cultural centre in the Aegean trade route. Today Siros port is still the capital of the Cyclades. Explore the village, and spend the night in a secluded bay at the south side of the island.

Naxos / Paros have both a lot to offer. Naxos being the biggest island in the Cyclades is also the most fertile. The landscape includes meadows running down to vast white beaches, cliffs that sink suddenly into the sea, rocky mountains nestled side-by-side with valleys filled with meandering streams and springs. The town has the typical whitewashed houses on a hill. At the Southside of the island are a few smaller islands with numerous of secluded bays.

Gay Greece

Paros a popular tourist island with sandy beaches, clear blue water, traditional houses, stunning landscape and excellent dive sites

The famed island of Mykonos has many bays with beaches and a lively (gay) village. You can drop anchor in one of the bays for a swim to the beach and then sail into the harbour of Mykonos town.

Gay Greece

Opposite Mykonos is the island of Delos the centre of the world 200BC the extensive ruins are worth to visit.

An easy reach from Mykonos lies Ios, a typical Cyclades island. Vineyards and olive trees wind down the mountains to the crystal clear sea and its superb white sandy beaches, much frequented by nudist. Ios also features a pretty harbour with lots of chapels, narrow alleys, windmills, traditional white houses and a lively nightlife.

The sea approach to Santorini is spectacular! You sail into and over the huge volcano that erupted, leaving the town perched high on its famous white cliffs. The only way to reach the city is by donkey, walking up the 587 narrow steps to the top, or by cableway. Black sandy beaches, cliff side towns and bright white houses make Santorini an island of contrast and undoubtedly a must for travellers.

Wild beauty of the barren landscape and huge rocks alternate with sandy beaches on Folegandros. The village is very attractive and the monastery worth a visit.
Coves and bays interrupt the rocky coastline that surrounds the island of Serifos. The Chora is built on the top of a steep hill and has an amazing view over the bay, well worth a hike.

Gay Greece

The island of Hydra is an artist’s colony. Old merchant houses cover the hills overlooking the harbour and auto traffic is prohibited. Everything is transported from the ships to the houses by mule.

GaySail sails an eight and fifteen day trip for gay men, past the best bays, islands, harbours en the famous Greek sights worth seeing. Discover the destinations that can almost only be reached by ship. The idyllic fishing harbours and the enormous hospitality of the Greek, make this a divine destination.

Next trip: September 17 – October 1, Athens – Mykonos – Athens, price: 695 euro one week and 1250 euro two weeks.

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