Staying Sane While Traveling

Published Date Author: , June 30th, 2011

Gay TravelAs I write this, I’m sitting in a crowded terminal in Boston’s Logan Airport waiting for my flight to France. Though there’s a lot of madness around me, I try not to get caught up in it. I like to think of myself as the eye of the storm–calm amongst the chaos.

Being balanced, serene and centered while traveling is something of an art. But it’s worth the effort and practice–traveling is a lot more enjoyable when you’re present and calm.

To that end, here are a few tips to get your Zen on:

1. Exercise. You might be on vacation, but your body is not. Exercise in your room, in your hotel’s gym, outside (i.e., running along the beach) or find a gym nearby–most offer guest passes. Investing just an hour of gym time in yourself can help reduce stress, improve sleep and increase energy. It’s definitely worthwhile.

2. Choose the right attitude. Most people approach traveling with the attitude of, “Uhh! I hate flights.” If that’s the case, you’ve already decided it’s going to be a terrible experience. Instead, make the decision to enjoy the journey. Find a good book or download some interesting movies on you iPad. A long flight can be hell–or 6 hours of scheduled “me” time. The choice is yours!

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