Gay Travel: A Walking Tour in Berlin

Published Date Author: , April 30th, 2011

Berlin Holocaust MemorialIf you cannot make it to Berlin anytime soon, please allow me take you on a little walking tour through one of my favorite European cities via my travel photos.

Berlin is my favorite big cities in Europe right now especially because it is incredibly International and it is quite easy to get around speaking and reading English. The people are fun, happy friendly, educated, classy, and energetic. This is a veritable hot spot for any jet setting cosmopolitan on the go when visiting Europe.

Paris and London and Madrid are great, but Berlin is all of that plus it is noticeably more affordable and friendly than those others. Berlin is incredibly flat and makes for easy walking from all the eye popping landmarks. Since World War II and the bombing There are museums and walk from eye popping historical landmark to eye popping historical landmark then Berlin is your place.

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