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Published Date Author: , April 30th, 2011

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Our dear friend, Bella (Dolly Goolsby) is on the go again, this time starting in Paris.  She has graciously allowed us to republish her travel blogs. Enjoy!


Wednesday, 20 April

ParisFinally, the weather has warmed up a bit. Over the weekend it just kept getting warmer, but breezy. Yesterday and today were just perfect. Sunday we got on the hop on- hop off bus, and toured the city, then, since it was a 2-day pass, we did the reverse yesterday.

We still managed to walk at least 3 miles each day, probably more. We did find out that our days of not running into tourists are finished. On Sunday, we stopped before we got to Notre Dame, as the square in front of the church was packed. We did get to see a line dance demonstration in front of the Hotel de Ville, the city hall. That was interesting!

{arosWe went back to the Eiffel Tower area yesterday, walked through the park there, then walked on back to our apartment. I went to the grocery, but couldn’t find what a wanted, but Frank in the meantime, found a very nice bar in a hotel, that served very gourmet small plates, so we ended up doing those four our dinner. Very elegant.

Today we walked even further than before. We left home about 9:30, had our usual breakfast at the boulangerie on the corner, then headed toward the Invalides area. We went across the Pont Alexandre, to the Place Concorde, to the Madelaine Church, to the Opera, had lunch, then walked back home by the Louvre, followed the river for a bit, finally getting back here about 3:30.

We are sure seeing a lot of Paris, but have not gone to one museum yet. We are just enjoying being here, having the leisure to stop when we want, do just what we want. Pretty fun! But not too exciting for a blog. All the walking is keeping the calories from adding pounds to us, I hope.


As I said before, we haven’t been doing anything exciting, but on a personal note, my Italian language has improved. It took me 3 days to quit saying “Si” and start saying “Oui”.

I cannot get the hang of this language where every word has at least 5 vowels and you don’t pronounce any of them.

We wanted to find a laundromat, and no matter how I tried, no success. I had Rick Steves’ phrase book, plus a dictionary, and still no go. Frank, naturalemente, does better than me. I even had to learn to pronounce wine differently.

Now, wouldn’t you think a word that is so simple, spelled VIN would sound like vin?.. Oh no, it is VAAN..I did get the “rouge” is red, now I had to make my choice between a verre (glass) and a pichet (pitcher), then if I wanted a verre, did I want 15 cl, 30 cl, or 50 cl? Not a chance of getting a full liter of house wine….we had to get 2 orders of 50 cl…did someone out there send a notice that I was on my way here?

Am I to be subjected to the French AA? Now I am, in my mind, translating English to Italian, then to French….that doesn’t work, either, as my Italian is pretty bad, too.


But, I do have to say, we have not encountered snooty waiters, or rude salespeople. The Parisiens that we have met, are very cordial, welcoming, happy that we are here. We are having a great time, but I wish I knew a few more words in French. However, we are doing OK, and my interpretation of their language does give them something to talk about.

Now, tomorrow we are going to do the Paris Historic Tour, as outlined by Rick Steves. Then, in the next few days, we will take a tour of the castles in the Loire Valley, south of Paris. We have decided to do a guided tour for that…getting lazy, I guess, butntrain connections are not the best form those castles.

Au revoir for now,

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