The Advocate Names the Top 15 Gayest Cities in America (You’ll Be Surprised)

Published Date Author: , January 13th, 2011

Minneapolis - The Advocate's Gayest City in AmericaThere’s never been a census of the gay and lesbian population, so it’s up to us. Welcome to The Advocate’s second annual look at our country’s queerest burgs.

Gay issues have never been more of a lightning rod. Pop culture has never been so gleefully gay. And politicians have never been more gay-accepting – or at least gay-aware. But no matter how visible LGBT people seem to be, there are some folks who still think we all live in Chelsea, West Hollywood, and the Castro. But, of course, that’s far from the case.

Using a completely unscientific – but still strangely accurate – statistical equation, The Advocate has come up with a diverse and surprising list of where gay people are living, loving, voting, and creating communities. This list demonstrates that the homosexual agenda is spreading across the 50 states – from Washington, D.C., to Vancouver, Wash. – and especially, it seems, in the heartland. Like it or not, America, LGBT is more a part of the USA than ever before.

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