Postcards From An Italian Adventure – Venice Again

Published Date Author: , June 24th, 2010

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Our dear friend, Bella (Dolly Goolsby) is on an extended adventure in Italy. She has graciously agreed to let us republish her travel logs. Enjoy!

Murano, Venice

Saturday, May 29

This morning we went to Murano, which is an island right off the main island of Venice. This island is famous for glass work. After getting off the vaporetto, we went to a glass blowing shop and saw a demonstration of glass blowing.

Glass Horse - Murano, VeniceThe little horse that you see in this blog was one of the things that the glass blower made while we were watching. Fascinating. Then, of course, we had to exit through the shop. There were so many beautiful glass items for sale, and one could special order a piece and have it made, then shipped home. There were many such shops on the island. The island itself is a pretty place, with different colored buildings, and no traffic. It felt much different than Venice, perhaps because it is smaller, and not so many small canals bisecting it.

We had lunch together, then Susan and I went back to Venice, as the others wanted to shop, and I did not. Susan and I got off the vaporetto near the Opsedale. It was interesting to see the ambulanze boats, as well as the fire department boats, and the entrance to the Emergency Room right off the canal.

Glass Maker - Murano, VeniceFrom there we wandered through little neighborhoods, found a small cafe and had a cappucchino. It was amazing how close we really were to our apartment from where we had gotten off the vaporetto, because all these little streets wind around, and pretty soon, there you are, home again!!

The other ladies told us that from Murano they went to the island of Burano, which is noted for its lace making. They did buy some beautiful items. But they told me the houses on Burano are painted bright primary colors, and it is even quieter than Murano. I was sorry I missed that trip, but next time.

Sunday, as we were getting ready to go out, we heard a marching band. We hurriedly dressed and went to find where this was coming from. There is a church right across our little bridge, and the band stopped there. The priest from the church blessed the placque that was dedicated to war casualties, as well as a wreath that was placed there, also. The band played the Italian national anthem (which has such a lovely hummable tune that I simply must learn the words for this song), then they went into the church and played some more, so Susan and I went to Mass, so we could hear the music… well, that is why I went. Susan is a very good Catholic, so goes to Mass with or without music. It was a lovely way to start our Sunday.

Murano, VeniceMonday was our last full day in Venice, so finally we got into St Marks Basilica. I had never gotten into it before, as the lines were always too long, but this time we were there before opening, so we all got in to see this beautiful church.

After the Basilica, we divided into 2 groups: some wanted to do a gondola ride, and some of us wanted to see some more churches. I was in the church group. We took the vaporetto across the canal to the church that is right on the point, Santa Maria della Salute. Then we walked all over that side of Venice, finally getting to our goal of seeing the Frari Church. That was well worth the trouble. It is huge, and beautiful, and we got to hear a young lady playing the organ, for at least a half hour.

The other ladies did their gondola ride, then Kristie went by herself to the Lido, where she went swimming. Now she has been swimming in three seas off Italy: Tyrrhenian, Ligurian and Adriatic.

That night Kristie was in charge of taking us on a pub crawl and a fine job she did, too. We went again across the Canal to some pubs near the Rialto Bridge. That was quite fun. Just snacks and a glass of wine at Cantina do Mori, then more snacks and wine at Antica Ostaria Ruga Rialto, where we did have some dinner, too.

Christine had bought a new cane, with a brass duck head for the handle. Well, it has a secret compartment to hold liquor, so I took the little vial up to the bar and had the bartender fill it with grappa, so if Christine’s broken ankle started hurting too much, she had some pain relief right at hand. The entire bar crowd was watching, and being quite entertained by us.

We had a starry night ride on the vaporetto back to our apartment. What a wonderful 4 days we had in this magical city.

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