Making it to Sacramento Pride

Published Date Author: , June 22nd, 2010

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Sacramento Pride

Sacramento PrideSo we made it to Sacramento Pride this year.

I start with this piece of information because we were not quite so lucky in 2009. It wasn’t for lack of trying – last year, we woke up early, took care of our daily work chores, and were on our way from home to Downtown Sac in plenty of time. On Sunday. The day after the parade on Saturday.


So this year, we remembered our mistake, and arrived in downtown in plenty of time for the parade and festival that followed.

Sacramento PrideThe first Sacramento Pride we attended, in 2004 or 2005, was a small community gathering at Southside Park, a pretty little park and pond tucked away on the southwest side of Midtown (for non-Sacramentans, that’s the core of the city, bounded by Highway 50 on the south, 5 on the west, Business 80 on the east, and the railroad on the north).

Sacramento PrideThen a few years ago, the Pride folks decided to revive the Pride Parade, winding from the Capitol down to Southside Park.

This year, in a nod to the important political role Pride plays in California’s capital city, they revered the march, starting from Southside Park and ending at the Capitol Mall.

Sacramento PrideSacramento Pride is still small potatoes compared to San Francisco’s mammoth Pride Event, but this year the parade lasted an hour and a half, boasting almost 40 contingents, including PFlag, MEUSA, several local bars, local cheer organizations, the local gay and lesbian film festival, the sisters of perpetual indulgence, and many more.

It was a good parade, and even better, there was plenty of room along 7th Street to find a good place to watch.

Sacramento PrideA few small beefs – what’s up with letting the trains continue to run along the street, between half of the audience and the parade, during the whole event (see the photo at right)? These three car street trains went by, literally, every five minutes, blocking off the view of the parade for 30 seconds at a sho

And why did the police keep stopping the entire parade to let traffic cross 7th street? It seems like our parade doesn’t get the respect accorded to others – or is this the way it is for every group that wants to hold a parade in Sacrament

Sacramento PrideIn San Francisco, they close down Market Street for the whole parade – no one crosses it, and no busses run down it once the event begins.

In any case, we enjoyed the parade (when we could see it), and chatted with other local couples who came down for the show.

Afterward, we strolled down to the Capitol Mall, where the festival was in full swing. Tickets were $10 each, which seemed reasonable to help keep this event going and growing every yea

And although there was plenty of room to move around, it was great to see so many folks here – literally thousands of LGBT folks gathered on a perfect, comfortable sunny day.

Sacramento PrideSome welcome discoveries among the booths there were the Lavender Library, an LGBT library where you can check out the books and take them home; a local support group for our transgender community members, and a booth for the Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Bebe Zahara Benet

We even had our picture taken at the Equality California booth (yeah, that’s us at left) – we were gonna skip this offer, but then they told us how they spent DAYS painting the road to 2012 backdrop, and we relented.

We also took in a play at the Lambda Players theater in the gay heart of Sacramento – these guys are good folks, and it’s well worth supporting our only gay/lesbian theater!

Bebe Zahara Benet

We got some close-ups with Ru Paul Drag Race winner Bebe Zahara Benet on the parade route, and we also saw singer Joel Evan on the parade route and later at the Festival.

There was a sweet moment (at left) when a mother approached Benet during the parade with her adorable towheaded son, and Benet was clearly delighted to say hello to the little boy.

We’re thrilled to see our Hometown Pride getting bigger and better each year!

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