Postcards From An Italian Adventure – San Gimignano

Published Date Author: , May 28th, 2010

Our dear friend, Bella (Dolly Goolsby) is on an extended adventure in Italy. She has graciously agreed to let us republish her travel logs. She’s using a new iPad, and had a bit of trouble getting us pictures at first, but as her story progresses, we’ll have some great pics to share with the Purple Roofs readers too. Enjoy!

San Gimignano

Tuesday, May 12th:

Buon giorno, everyone,

San GimignanoDespite the rain, almost every single day since our arrival, we have been able to stay pretty busy. Sunday, Mother’s Day, we did get a beautiful sunny day. We started our day with a lovely brunch here at the apartment then 4 of the ladies went to the Accademia to see David. It was such a beautiful day, that later we went for a walk, about 3 miles, I think, down to a main street, Via Mazzini, then followed it around until we got to the Arno, followed it for a while, ending in Santa Croce piazza. The food stalls were still there; I ventured away from traditional Tuscan food, and bought a Wurstel and beer from the Tirol booth. There was a puppeteer there putting on a show for children, and actually let the children play with some of the puppets.

San GimignanoLater, we came back to the apartment, made dinner of chicken marsala, mushroom risotto, green salad, zucchini with red bell peppers, and of course, vino. Now having 2 apartments, with 2 kitchens really came in handy. 4 of the ladies went upstairs and made the risotto, while Cherie and I stayed here and prepared the rest of the meal. It was quite tasty.

When it was time to wash dishes, we remembered that we did not have any hot water….that had gone down earlier in the day, so we washed dishes in 2 apartments, heated water on the stove for dishes down here…I felt like I was back on the farm in Idaho, but of course, the problem had been fixed now.

San Gimignano

Yesterday, we did go to San Gimignano, although the skies looked threatening. We were very fortunate, and never got rained on all day, and we spent a nice, long day there. We had lunch at the Ristorante Belsoggiorno where the dining room overlooks the Tuscan valley. We had such wonderful meals, that none of us ate much that evening, just snacked on leftovers.

Today, we finally got to do the historic Florence tour with Massimo. It was great. He took us first to Piazza Reppublica, where Florence actually started, showed us different types of architecture, showed us where the ancient walls were. One wall was right near us, on Via Guelfa and Via Alfani.

We went across the Arno toward the Pitti Palace, to San Spirito church, back across the river, stopped to have a nice little panini and cappucchino, then came back home. Massimo gave us a wonderful tour. He is a very good tour guide, and we enjoyed the tour very much. We thought it very nice of the weather man to hold off the rain until our tour was finished, then the rain came down in buckets.

San Gimignano

The rest of the day was pretty quiet…..since we are in an apartment, a certain amount of time has to be devoted to housekeeping chores, so we did laundry and cleaning. Now we have opened a San Gimignano white wine, will wander out for a sandwich and a gelato in a bit. We don’t want to cook tonight, as we leave very early in the morning for Assisi. We tried to finish all the leftovers at lunch…so our refrigerator is nearly bare.

I am sending a few pix this time. You will see Sharona and Carmella (Janice) at right, smiling after they successful purchased our autobus tickets for San Gimignano. Tomorrow, I am handing over the ticket money again, and they are to get us direct tickets to Assisi, with no changes of trains.

They are very good, and have been helping me when I stumble on the Italian language. We are trying to speak as much as we can.

Dolly "Bella" Goolsby

Ciao for now. Please write us and let us know how things are in the U.S. We are expecting a great ash cloud from the volcano to descend on us this coming week. I shall let you know what happens with that…we may look like the statues in Pompeii….I hope not….

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{great|wonderful|interesting|nice post.
One of the most characteristic towns that I visited in Tuscany is San Gimignano, nearVolterra. I stayed there during my last holiday in Tuscany, in a farmhouse really beautiful. There was a restaurant and a swimming pool overlooking sille towers. It’s called Farm Raccianello and both me and my boyfriend really enjoyed it.

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