Five Places to Island-Hop

Author: , March 2nd, 2014

Oahu BeachDespite their wild and remote image, getting around these archipelagos in western Scotland can be straightforward. A few of the most accessible islands include Skye, where the geologically diverse landscape includes lochs (lakes), forests, and glens (valley) and Islay, with its whiskey distilleries. Iona has white sandy beaches, and Lewis has mysterious standing stones. Ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne runs services to 22 islands, most year-round.

Visitors planning to travel extensively around the islands can purchase an Island-Hopping pass, which can save you some money. For example, one pass includes ferry rides from the mainland and to the islands of Skye, Harris, and Lewis, and back to the mainland. For car and passenger, the pass costs $30 per person in the summer ($28, or $56 total, in the winter). By comparison, the total price for a car and passenger making the same trip by buying single tickets would be $202 in the summer.

Kvarner Islands, Croatia

Getting around the well-developed and family-friendly Kvarner Islands of Croatia is cheap and easy; the most costly part will be getting to Croatia from the United States. Luckily, the island of Krk, which has a mile-long beach and a medieval walled center, also has both an airport and a port (in Rijeka), making it an ideal starting point. Even luckier, budget airline Norwegian flies direct to Rijeka from Oslo for as little as $67 each way in summer.

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Visiting Gwrych Castle in Wales

Author: , February 12th, 2014

Abergele, North Wales

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Gwrych Castle, just outside of Abergele, North Wales, has a 200 year-old history, but for the last 30 years has been left without public visitation. It is only now that proper restoration is on the brink to return this magnificent historical treasure-trove to its former glory.

Built in-between 1812 and 1822, the castle itself had many additions by important designers and architects of the time, and was finally considered complete towards the end of the 19th Century. The last heir to Gwrych Castle, Winifred Bamford-Hesketh, inherited in 1894 and it became her official residence until she died in 1924. When she became the Countess of Dundonald it was also where she raised her children. She bequeathed it to the Prince of Wales as an act of spite against her husband, who had to buy it back and ended up selling off the possessions inside. The castle itself became a house for Jewish refugees in World War II, and started a gradual decline in the 1940s, despite being opened to the public and receiving ten million visitors.

Currently the only way to gain access to the site is by asking for permission from the owners of Gwrych Castle, Edwards Property Management, who are working with Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust to restore the Castle and turn it into a luxury hotel. The Trust is currently seeking to create a Visitor’s Centre in the Melon House.

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The UK’s Most Gay Friendly Cities

Author: , April 29th, 2013

LondonPlanning a trip to the United Kingdom? has a list of the top five gay friendly cities in the UK:

The UK is one of the best places to be gay thanks not only to laws protecting and promoting equality, but a fairly liberal-minded population. Saying that, there are definitely some cities that offer more for the gay traveler than others – here are five of them.

Manchester: While Queer As Folk may be over a decade old, there’s no denying that Manchester’s Canal Street is considered one of the finest places in the country for a gay night out. There really is something for everyone, with lesbian bars such as Vanilla and Coyotes, the all-male Eagle Manchester, or the very mixed and cheap as chips G-A-Y Bar. With many places to stay near the Gay Village you can party for as long as you want without having to worry about making it back to bed.

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