The Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina & Camp Lejeune

Author: , October 28th, 2011
by Robert, The White House on Freedom, Hubert, North Carolina
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North Carolina Sand Dunes

Marine CorpWell, where to start about the Southern Outer Banks/Swansboro/Emerald Isle/Camp Lejeune. Well, let’s start at Camp Lejeune. It is one of the largest Marine Corp Bases in the world. It is filled with some of the best men and women in the world. Now that DADT is over it brings new opportunities for the men and women that are looking for partners to meet freely in the area now without fear.

For decades females made their moves to this area to find their man. It has been told for generations to bring your most unattractive daughter sister or cousin here and they will definitely find their man.

Beaufort Port, North Carolina

Today a man can now come to the area if they want a Marine Husband and find one and the same for the lesbian community. The military has even given permission to military ministers to conduct same sex marriages. Wow, that is a change! This is an area of the country where men always address one another as Sir!

While you are examining and getting to know the fine men of the area there are some of the most incredible small businesses bistros antique venues and entertainment scattered along the water front and historic areas of Swansboro, Morehead, Beaufort and New Bern.

These areas represent some of the oldest towns in the country. These communities are loaded with history natural beauty historic architecture and store fronts from days gone by offering up wonderful romantic and fun opportunities. All of these towns are within 5 to 45 minutes of The White House on Freedom Way. Wilmington which can take days in itself to explore is just an hour away.

The area also has National Forests, National Seashores, Forts and some of the finest kayaking and hiking experiences you can find in the USA. We even have Bear Island here. Bear Island is the last of the islands that make the Outer Banks of America! It is untouched for the most part by man.

Dolphins in North Carolina

There are nearly 4 miles of dunes and beaches and no buildings only dolphins – and sunsets, sunrises, peace and quiet, green space, fresh air and clean waterways. These incredible features surely will help set the stage for your courtship or exploration with an existing buddy or new!

Just check out, or Adam 4 Adam Jacksonville or Eastern North Carolina if you want to meet some of the locals.

You can kayak or canoe alongside the dolphins in the White Oak river where you can actually catch and eat the fish and not have to worry about heavy metals or pollution. The White Oak is rated one of the last clean bodies of water in the country.

North Carolina FishingThe fishing is incredible fresh brackish and salt water. Some of the record marlins have been caught just off shore here. The fishing is incredible. The Big Rock Tournament is an annual event that has a purse of one million dollars.

If you don’t want to catch and clean there are nearly century old fish houses around where you can buy them fresh and filleted or just visit one of the many eateries in the area that prepare fresh catch from the local waters. The fruits and vegetables are also mostly local when in season with great local farmer’s markets and stands.

There is always a festival a fair or an event at one of these historic towns especially in the spring and fall. Lots of arts and crafts food cook offs and more. There are wineries and farms that are open to the public offering up great food and drink.

Eastern North Carolina was nothing to me until I started visiting and realizing that it is rich in just about everything anyone could want or do for the outdoor enthusiast antique collector history buff or romantic. Truly inspiring water and forest vistas sunsets and sunrises!

Shackleford Wild HorsesIt certainly is a break from the typical circuit of Fort Lauderdale Key West NYC LA Chicago and the likes of the urban centers! I believe it is time for our community to reach out and explore the area. It is similar but better than the Russian River area of California for natural beauty and scenic indulgence.

It really doesn’t get better than this. No there aren’t any night clubs gay bars bath houses etc. It is only a natural and beauty filled vacation. I think gay men and women should check this area out. The possibilities here are endless. The economy is one of the strongest in the world like the men here. This is a place that should be pioneered and visited by gay Americans and Internationals too.

The cold months of January and February are great months for exploring the great forests and woods as the reptiles and insects are fast asleep along with the poison ivy. It really is warmer in the forests and woods especially with the right buddy to share it with.

White House on Freedom - Outer Banks, NCThe White House on Freedom Way has been in my partner’s family for 10 generations. It is an estate of multiple guest houses, cottages and RV slips as well as some primitive camping areas all incorporated on a private 22 acre enclave. It is located five minutes to Camp Lejeune, Swansboro and Hammocks Beach State Park. I am certainly happy that he introduced me to this incredible neck of the woods! You can check us out at The road Freedom Way is actually a 4 lane highway to the beaches and historic towns around us. Freedom Way is also known as Highway 24. It was named that in 1991 when we first started shipping our men and women to Iraq. They leave the base and go to the Port at Morehead to travel to the Mid East.

Norman & RobbyWe are located within an hour of 3 airports of which have regular and very affordable flights on USAIR and Delta Airlines. The airports are OAJ Jacksonville, NC, EWN in New Bern, birthplace of Pepsi are 45 minutes away and ILM Wilmington about an hour. It is a 12 hour drive from Fort Lauderdale and about 6 hours to DC and 10 to NYC. The drive is beautiful too. You have to get off of 95 and drive through cotton tobacco soy corn and livestock fields and farms. Some of the old barns are as picturesque and beautiful as you can find in the country. It takes you back to a time that really wasn’t long ago but that our time seems to have forgotten. The men here are very much into keeping themselves fit minus steroids and all hard work. The White House has gazebos, old world porches with rocking chairs old world barns with wrap around roofs and swings underneath. The goats chickens guineas ducks and barn cats are entertaining. The abundant wildlife brings beautiful deer into our back yard along with raptors, foxes, coyotes, turkeys and some bear. The bear usually never show up unless they are hit on the road by a passerby. How anyone could not see or get out of the way of a 700 pound big black critter on a 4 lane highway is surprising. The gardens which have been planted around the property over generations bring colorful and fragrant flowers to life from late February through to the first frost usually during the first half of December.