Rochester, New York Comes of Age

Author: , November 16th, 2011

Gay Rochester, New YorkWell, golly gee whiz, Rochester ain’t so bad after all. A three-hour drive, a border crossing and one very strong American accent away from Toronto, it’s no longer the city Torontonians have loved to hate.

Back in 2003, The Globe and Mail’s Jan Wong famously tore Rochester to shreds in an article called “Ferry Bad Place.” At the time, Wong visited the post-industrial city on the south shore of Lake Ontario prior to the launch of a Rochester-Toronto car ferry, listing “several important reasons why Torontonians wouldn’t want to come here.” Wong’s excoriation was helped along by the city’s then-mayor, who happily offered up Rochester’s startling crime statistics and even chastised Wong for walking the dangerous streets of his city.

If boosterism wasn’t a Rochester trait back then, it is now. The Susan B Anthony house is one of Rochester’s historic landmarks. Indeed, it is hard to find anyone in Rochester who isn’t prepared to tell you how wonderful Rochester is.

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