Orlando: Theme Park Capital of the World

Author: , February 6th, 2015

Orlando - EpcotRemember that kid in your class at school, who was always perpetually jetting off to, or returning from, Orlando? And the sweet, sweet envy you felt upon their return, hearing all about their sun-drenched, fun-infused escapades?

Like a pop culture lost City of Atlantis, Orlando maintains a mesmeric appeal long beyond childhood. As such, adrenaline junkies the world over make the pilgrimage every year, with or without kids in tow: unsurprising, then, the city was last year revealed as the most-visited in the US, surpassing New York.

Last month, Gay Star News headed to the sunshine state’s third largest city with Travel City Direct for our own rite of roller coaster passage. There, we stayed in a gloriously kitch aparment at Universal Orlando’s Americana-inspired Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

By Jamie Tabberer – Full Story at Gay Star News | Orlando Gay Travel Resources