Grown-Up Spring Break on South Padre Island

Author: , April 6th, 2014

South Padre Island - Gulf Coast, Texas

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Spring breakers have been invading South Padre, a small island along the Texas gulf coast, with their beer-guzzling antics for years. But families, too, make good use of the island’s beaches and the Schlitterbahn Water Park. Really, though, most vacationers in the laid-back resort town are just looking for some R&R and an icy margarita. In our mini-guide below, we’ll help you avoid the spring break din (think 50,000-watt sound systems) in favor of a quieter, crowd-free slice of island life.

Hike the Laguna Madre Nature Trail: The Laguna Madre Trail, open twenty-four hours and free to enter, carves through four acres of lush marshland. This quiet nature spot, which is situated away from the crowded beaches, is particularly popular among bird watchers, who come to see the more than 300 species of birds that call the island home. You’re almost guaranteed to spot pink flamingos, blue herons, and spoonbills of all sorts. A word of caution, however: the sign warning against alligators is no joke.

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Where to Spend Your Gay Spring Break

Author: , March 6th, 2014

BeachBoys, babes, sun, surf and drinks that come by the foot. Spring Break recaptures all the passion of our ancestors’ vernal rites, but with a whole lot more skin. In the past, gays and lesbians had trouble finding their place in the sun, and as fun as it is seeing if the old joke about the difference between a straight boy and a gay boy being about six beers is actually true, Spring Break’s finally gone homo in a big way.

Here are the top five spots we wish we had on our calendars every week this month…

Key West

The Scene: The biggest national gay Spring Break destination, Key West offers all the booze, boys and morning-after hangovers of regular Spring Break, but with a far greater hook-up potential.

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My Spring Break in Egypt

Author: , April 11th, 2013

Children in Cairo - Robert SchraderMy heart was pounding as I exited the Mar Girgis station of the Cairo Metro, although there was nothing particularly scary or threatening in my field of vision. My anxiety intensified as I began moving further away from the train tracks, and into Old Cairo.

It was an incredibly strange contrast: Although every man, woman and child I passed smiled widely and waved at me as I passed, it became harder and harder, the deeper into Old Cairo I walked, to shake the fear that seemed almost subliminally implanted into me.

When I felt the first fingertip tapping gently at my back, my first waking assumption was that I was about to be robbed or, worse, assaulted. But I turned around and saw, to my surprise – and, eventually, delight – a mob of joyful children, who seemed as if they hadn’t seen someone fitting my profile in a while.

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What I Learned on Spring Break in Cancun

Author: , May 31st, 2012

Gay Travel: What I Learned on Spring Break in Cancun“Don’t drink the water.” “Don’t rent a car.” “Don’t go out at night.” “Don’t eat from street carts.” “Don’t put anything valuable in your luggage.” And so the list went on and on-from family and friends to colleagues and strangers following me on social media – warning me at all costs to avoid Mexico. It was as if an itinerary of two relaxing weeks exploring the Mayan Riviera was equivalent to donning a leisure suit with printed Tom of Finland images to travel in Pakistan.

I went anyway. And I am here to report that, not only am I safeand sound, but also I’m glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers. I took it all in and learned a few valuable travel (and life) lessons along the way.

Mexico’s easternmost gulf coast is easy to traverse via Highway 307 (in a rented car, if you dare the uneven roads). Cancun’s trendy Hotel Zone, Playa del Carmen’s shopping district, and Tulum’s Mayan ruins and hippy beachfront each capture a unique aspect of Mexico’s cultural heritage. The destinations are all within a three hours’ drive, in spite of the many topes – massive speed bumps installed to apparently assist los federales in thwarting the drug cartels.

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Gay Travel: Key West for Spring Break

Author: , March 8th, 2012

Key West Spring BreakEven with much of North America enjoying a comparably mild winter this year, let’s face it – thoughts of sipping tropical cocktails by the pool, floating happily on a catamaran and scampering to the beach in flip-flops sound pretty appealing right now. There are still a few mean weeks left in winter, and one of the world’s most delightfully distinctive and wonderfully scenic gay resort destinations beckons. In fact, sunny Key West has lately made a strong push to market itself as the ultimate Gay Spring Break getaway.

This tiny island is linked to the Florida mainland by the 105-mile Overseas Highway (U.S. 1), which crosses dozens of bridges as it wends its way scenically through the Florida Keys. It’s the southernmost point in the United States (with the exception of Hawaii), and it’s less than 90 miles across the Straits of Florida from Cuba.

In other words, while Key West is very much part of the United States, it feels much like its own little Caribbean nation (they don’t call it the “Conch Republic” for nothing). This makes it an ideal tropical getaway if you’re seeking the climate and character of the Caribbean, but with an exceedingly welcoming attitude toward gays and lesbians.

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Going Gay For Spring Break? Try Puerto Vallarta

Author: , April 3rd, 2011

Gay Puerto VallartaPsst, don’t tell anyone, but now is one of the best times of year to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The water is warmer, there is still plenty of sun, and the hotel rates are lower than during the busy winter months. Hotel rates drop even more by June 1, but that is the start of the rainy season, although it generally rains in the evenings, so your day at the beach probably won’t be rained out.

Gay Puerto Vallarta is showing no signs of slowing down. More and more tours, hotels, bars, and restaurants are actively courting the gay community. That trend is backed by a recent survey. A 2010 poll by San Francisco-based Community Marketing, a gay marketing firm, found that Puerto Vallarta is the most popular gay foreign destination in the Americas, narrowly beating Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

The gay scene in Puerto Vallarta is on the south side of the city in an area known as Zona Romantica, or the Romantic Zone. Some also call it the Old Town, but that is a misnomer since downtown Puerto Vallarta is much older.

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