You Can’t Take a Selfie Here

Author: , February 7th, 2015

selfiePeople have strong opinions about selfies. Usually it’s just an annoyance with the proliferation of them in our social media feeds. Like, seriously, how many pictures of your own face does one person need?

Amongst the complaints about selfies is the argument that they should be banned due to the safety concerns attached with snapping the “perfect” photo. Last November, a woman died in Spain when she slipped and fell on a bridge while trying to take a selfie. And in August, a couple fell from the rocky edge of a cliff in Cabo da Raca, Portugal while trying to take a photo of themselves on the edge. These stories, coupled with the bragging nature of selfies, has inspired many cities around the world to ban them. Here are a few places around the world where you might actually have to put your phone away and enjoy the scenery.

La Garoupe Beach, France

There’s nothing worse than seeing a friend sipping a cocktail on a beach while you’re slogging away at work. It’s, dare we say, kind of braggy. That’s why a section of La Garoupe, a popular beach in Southern France, has designated “No braggy zones.” Last August, the beach was patrolled by police who shut down anyone taking a selfie. It was a not-so-subtle way of saying, “Be happy. But keep it to yourself.”

By Brittany Jones Cooper – Full Story at Shermans Travel

Vancouver Selfie Spots for Gay Tourists

Author: , October 31st, 2014

Vancouver, BCGay photographer Randall Shirley set out to capture several of Vancouver’s gay-interest spots. A selfie at any of them could be a great way to say: look where I am!

His lens selected these iconic spots:

1. Permanent rainbow crosswalks are at the heart of Davie Village, intersection of Davie and Bute streets.

2. Vancouver AIDS Memorial, a ribbon of steel set into the hill at Sunset Beach, west of the intersection of Beach Avenue and Broughton Street.

3. A signpost marks Lee’s Trail, an area of Stanley Park historically popular with gay men.

Full Story at Rainbow Tourism | Vacouver Gay Travel Resources

Win a Pair of Tickets Around the World From KLM

Author: , June 6th, 2014

KLM Contest SelfieKLM is offering a pair of tickets around the world for the person who can take the best “CitySelfie”.

With the flood of selfies that permeate our social media pages these days, it’s hard to imagine that a new (and potentially less ego-centric) type could be developed, but that’s just what KLM Airlines has done. They’ve invented the CitySelfie, a new variation where a person takes 360-video of themselves amongst their city’s prettiest scenery. But more than that, KLM is promising the person who can take the best CitySelfie a free trip around the world. Watch the explanation and see some examples of great CitySelfies:

Entrants should be sure to tag their CitySelfies with the hashtag #CitySelfies. The winner of two Round The World tickets, with up to five stops of their choosing around the world, will be selected by a distinguished group of professional photographers and travelers. For more information, and to enter, visit:

Enter by 6/15/14.

Man Selfies Entire Trip to Costa Rica

Author: , November 14th, 2013

6a00d8341c730253ef019b01096a1b970d-800wiGerman photographer Tim Assmann took a trip from NYC to Costa Rica and captured it in a stop-motion video composed of 1,000 selfies…

“I always loved old fashioned flip books and the way they describe a movement with only a limited amount of pictures. And actually I always kind of disliked the habit of most of the people in online communities and social networks to take selfies in the weirdest positions and facial expressions, and placing them as profile (pictures). So I thought it would be fun to cartoon those selfie photographs in some kind of odd manner.”

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