Into the Grand Canyon

Author: , November 9th, 2011

Gay Grand CanyonWhen Alyson Adventures’ Zach Mosely suggested I join their “all gay male 8 day whitewater rafting/hiking tour of the Grand Canyon” I gamely agreed, thinking that an invitation made by a naked guy poolside at the Island House in Key West would be soon forgotten. Three days later, he called to confirm my place in the last tour of the season. When I shared the news with my husband (whose work schedule would keep him from joining me) he said, “You? You’re going camping? In a place with snakes and scorpions, and no bathroom?” I replied archly that Zach must have sensed my essential ruggedness, but my husband’s humming the theme song to Green Acres stayed with me throughout the trip.

Happy to report my return alive, I saw no snakes or scorpions. I did see what might be the most uniquely beautiful place on/in earth. The Grand Canyon–I had always assumed it to be just a distended ditch–is the only place that literally deserves the words “gorgeous” and “awesome.”

For eight days, we drifted past soaring stratified rock exposing the geology of hundreds of millions of years. At night I slept naked beneath only the brilliant and forgotten blanket of stars and streaking comets. I met and bonded with a group of remarkable men who kept me alive in the high places while gently coaxing me out of my comfort zone and into adventure.

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