Keep Calm and Wander – Qasr Al Saneh, A Nabatean Architectural Wonder

Author: , November 24th, 2015

Alain Qasr-Al-Saneh-Madain-Saneh-6

When visiting Madain Saleh (in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province), Qasr Al Saneh would be a good place to start to learn about the Nabatean architecture which are richly obvious in the carved tombs you’ll see everywhere around the area.

If you’ve been to Petra in Jordan, the architectural wonder you’ll find in Madain Saleh isn’t that different from Jordan’s most photographed tourist attraction. They’re actually similar from top to bottom. Only that, Petra is more stunning than these ones here in Madain Saleh.

Do not expect too much to see here if you’re not into history or archaeology. Or if you’re not into taking a selfie in caves that used to be tombs. No more human skulls and bones there but some are certainly creepy.

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