Nomadic Boys – Gay Guide to Boracay

Author: , July 24th, 2015

Nomadic Boys - Boracay

The Philippines is well known to be very gay friendly to tourists, particularly the popular island of Boragay Boracay. Boracay is one of the more touristy and frequented islands and as a result has a subtle gay scene, so we’ve put together our gay guide to Boracay following our travels there in May 2015.

Boracay has a variety of gay friendly accommodations for all budgets. You could spend as little as 300 pesos (#4 / $7) for a bed in a dormitory to as much as 20,000 pesos (#285 / $440) for a room in a luxury resort.

Filipinos are very relaxed and open-minded towards LGBT tourists so most places will be ok with you booking a double bed. The places we recommend below are 100% gay-friendly, so you can freely wave your rainbow flag at the door.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

Nomadic Boys – Ten Famous Foods From the Philippines

Author: , July 23rd, 2015

Stefan - Nomadic Boys

Nomadic BoysIf you believed half the blogs about the Filipino cuisine, you’d think it was one of the worst places on earth for a foodie. But this is simply not the case!

We found many traditional yummy prizes to enjoy and with the exception of balut, here’s our 10 famous foods (and drinks!) we loved and think everyone must try in the Philippines.

#1 CHICKEN ADOBO: the famous Filipino dish

Chicken adobo is one of the most famous foods to try in the Philippines, known and loved by everyone. Adobo means “marinade” in Spanish and this is just that: chicken (or pork) marinated in a mixture of soya sauce and vinegar. Other ingredients are added depending on whose recipe you follow.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

Nomadic Boys – Swimming Like a Merman in Boracay

Author: , July 13th, 2015

Nomadic Boys - Boracay mermen

Well in fact you can, in mermaid schools in Gran Canaria, Florida and Copenhagen, where there’s even a bronze statue devoted to the Little Mermaid. Daryl Hannah in the film ‘Splash’ and Arial in THAT famous Disney film (!) was always a source of inspiration for birthday boy Sebastien to swim like a mermaid.

But when Seb set eyes on the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, that sealed the deal and swimming like a mermaid in tropical waters became his #1 life long ambition!

Boracay is one of the few places in Asia where you can learn to swim like a mermaid. So for Sebastien’s birthday in May 2015, his life long wish came true and we took a mermaid swimming lesson with the excellent Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy.

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Nomadic Boys – How to Make Filipino Pork Sinigang

Author: , July 11th, 2015


In Manila we tried and loved the yummy sour pork sinigang soup. Sinigang (‘stew’) is a meat based stew or soup broth with lots of vegetables and flavoured with a variety of souring agents like tamarind (‘sampalok’).

We loved it so much that we kidnapped our lovely Filipina friend B.C.Lee to show us how to make it and she gave us this recipe.

“Hi Stefan and Sebastien. I am BC Lee and like you boys I love my food so much I keep a blog of my food discoveries called Wild Kitchen Rhythm. This is my recipe for pork sinigang – a quintessential Filipino dish. In some regions of the Philippines, people use alternative souring agents to tamarind like tomatoes, guavas, kalamansis (Filipino lime) or even balimbing (‘star fruit’). However, tamarind is the most common and my favourite.”

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Globetrotter Girls – The Philippines in Pictures

Author: , May 22nd, 2015

Philippines - Dany at Globetrotter Travel

This is my very last post about the Philippines – at least for now. My next trip to this gorgeous country is already in the works, and I can’t wait to visit all the places I didn’t make it to the first time around.

Whenever people ask me about my favorite places in South East Asia, I can’t stop gushing over the picture-perfect beaches I visited, the lush green islands with their scenic rice fields and softly swaying palm trees, a stark contrast to the urban sprawl of Manila which is rapidly turning into a modern, advanced city; rivaling Singapore and Bangkok with the number of skyscrapers and shopping malls that continue to emerge in the ever growing capital.

When I sat in one of Manila’s third-wave coffee shops, located in one of the shiny fancy malls, after returning from Palawan, I couldn’t believe that a day earlier, I had shared the road with ox carts and that I didn’t even have cell phone reception in El Nido – now I was surrounded by people who were all glued to their smartphones again.

By Dany – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

Globetrotter Girls – The Grand Finale of my Philippines Trip

Author: , May 14th, 2015

El Nido, Philippines - Dany at Globetrotter Girls

El Nido was one of the two places I was looking forward to the most on my Philippines trip (the other one was Boracay), as everyone who had been there was raving about the unspoiled beauty of the deserted islands off the coast of Palawan, the island El Nido is located on.

As I was holding on for my dear life in the van that took me up to El Nido from Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s main airport, I was praying that it would live up to my high expectations, but since Palawan had recently been declared the most beautiful island in the world, I was pretty confident that it wouldn’t disappoint.

When I booked my flight to Puerto Princesa, I wasn’t aware that it would take another 5-6 hours to get to El Nido from the airport, which would make this a 16-hour travel day starting in Dumaguete 6am in the morning and reaching El Nido 9pm at night. The hours in the van were some of the most horrible driving I’ve experienced so far, even beating the van driver from Laos to Chiang Mai who fell asleep halfway through, forcing one of us passengers to take over the wheel.

By Dany – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

Globetrotter Girls – How Much Does Travel in the Philippines Cost?

Author: , April 12th, 2015

Dani at Globetrotter Girls - Philippines

Traveling in the Philippines can be pretty cheap if you plan your trip properly, which mainly means map out your route before you go and book your flights! If you’re like me who has a hard time planning anything in advance, you’ll have to fork out a lot for plane tickets for flights that leave a couple of days later. I will share some things to consider when planning a trip to the Philippines after my daily expense breakdown.

Note: I am using the currency exchange rate from Philippine Pesos to US Dollars from February 2015 – 1PHP = 0.02269 USD; the exchange rate might change slightly over time.

Daily Expenses

My daily expenses in the Philippines came to US$56.55, which include said pricey flights, but not my flights in and out of the country. If I leave out my costs for flights within the country, my daily expenses come down to US$43.45. It’s not necessarily cheap, especially for South East Asia, but it is still less than $50 a day. I am confident that you can travel the Philippines comfortably on $50 a day, including flights, if you book them in advance and get better prices on them than I did, and on $40 a day if you don’t plan on doing any pricey activities such as diving, boat trips or renting motorbikes – but you’d be missing out if you didn’t include at least some of these things.

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

Globetrotter Girls: Swimming With Sea Turtles in the Philippines

Author: , March 31st, 2015

Globetrotter Girls - Sea Turtles

‘You can swim with turtles there.’ That sentence was all I needed to hear in order to change my travel plans once again and to include a detour to Apo Island in my Philippines island hopping trip.

A short conversation with a girl from Canada who I had met on Siquijor Island had just returned from Apo Island, and was telling me all about her amazing snorkeling excursion.

I might not get the chance to swim with whale sharks on this trip, but how I could I turn down the chance to snorkel with turtles, especially since I was ‘right there’, just a short 45-minute ferry ride from Dumaguete from where you could do the snorkeling trip as a day excursion.

By Dany – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

The Philippines’ Mystical Siquijor

Author: , March 24th, 2015

Siquijor - Globetrotter Girls

Siquijor had not been in my original plans for my trip to the Philippines but what would I have missed had I not gone there!

See, travel planning in the Philippines is not easy. You have to plan well in advance, something that I’m just not good at. I prefer rocking up to a place, see if I like it, if so, I stay, if not, I move on. What if I fall in love with Palawan and four nights aren’t enough? But I have a plan ticket and am forced to leave?

Since the Philippines are an island nation, you have to fly to most places. The islands that are close together are easy to hop around by ferry, which doesn’t cost that much, but plane tickets are a bit more pricey – unless you book them well in advance. Booking a plane ticket only a couple of days prior to your flight is expensive, as it turns out.

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Philippines Gay Travel Resources

Lesbian Travel: A Picture-Perfect Lagoon Near El Nido, Philippines

Author: , February 22nd, 2015

Philippines Lagoon

It wasn’t even intentional, but when my boat left the bay in which the little town of El Nido sits and drove out into the archipelago it dawned on me that I had saved the best for last. El Nido was the last stop on my Philippines trip, and as our little boat was getting closer to the massive limestone karst cliffs that are prominent on all the islets out here, I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky I was to be able to see this little piece of heaven.

El Nido and the Bacuit Archipelago are often named as the last unspoiled paradise on earth, and as we were passing deserted, immaculate beaches, steered through lagoons with crystal clear emerald green water, stopped the boat to swim through narrow holes in the towering limestone walls which turned out to be entrances to hidden beaches and lagoons, snorkeled with colorful tropical fish and ‘hopped’ from one uninhabited island to the next, I could see why people are so smitten by this truly awe-inspiring wonder of nature.

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Philippines Gay Travel Resources