The Rejuvenation of New Haven, Connecticut

Author: , November 16th, 2011

Gay New Haven, ConnecticutNew Haven, the coastal Connecticut city made famous by being the home of Yale University, is emerging as a culinary and artistic destination. Yes, there are pockets of its downtown streets that remain gloomy, streets haunted by rows of abandoned stores and an overarching sense of abandonment.

But there is also visible evidence that the efforts the city is putting into reinventing and rejuvenating itself are succeeding.

I returned to New Haven after a long hiatus. Some years ago, I’d drive from Rhode Island on assignment from a newspaper in Providence to review plays at Long Wharf and Yale Rep (as I did this time around), breezing in to see the shows and breezing out that same night. The newspaper never encouraged overnight stays, but they contributed to the cost of the pizza I’d order from one of New Haven’s famous brick oven pizzerias that kept me company while I drove home.

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