Le Cartier Bed & Breakfast – Gay Montreal Bed & Breakfast

Author: , April 18th, 2016

Le Cartier B&BPeriodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Situated in Montreal downtown east (Gay Village), Le Cartier Bed & Breakfast is 10-20 min walk to main city attractions: Old Montreal, downtown core, fireworks, Latin Quarter, Formula One Track, Palais du Congres, Summer Festivel (Intl Jazz, Just for Laugh, etc), Bell Centre, China Town, universities, casino, Mount Royal, cycling path, and much more.

All of our b&b rooms and suites are equipped with A/C, cable TV, audio CD, wood floor, and a high speed wireless internet connection. We also offer kitchenette facilities (microwave, refrigerator, etc) for guests (no cooking). Laundry service is available at extra cost (long term customers only). Continental breakfast is included.

We also offer private furnished apartment (please inquire).

Le Cartier Bed & Breakfast is just 1 minute away from the Montreal subway (Metro Papineau), bus station & Jacques-Cartier Bridge. We’re also close to the train & central bus station.

Le Cartier B&B is one minute from Ste-Catherine street (but away from noise on quiet side street) – a lively Montreal neighborhood surrounded by restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, night clubs, theatres, supermarkets, and more.

The Bed and Breakfast is newly renovated & decorated by local artists, and the 100-year stone house provides warmth and charm. The B&B is cozy, quiet and stylish. Le Cartier B&B has a beautiful front/back yard & balcony, providing ideal relaxing & meeting places for guests.

Fun local host who knows Montreal from A to Z offers great advice in exploring the city.

See the Le Cartier Bed & Breakfast Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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La Loggia Art B&B, Montreal – Featured Gay Owned Accommodations

Author: , April 1st, 2016

La Loggia Art B&B

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Welcome to Montreal’s La Logia Art B&B, where you’ll find casual elegance and a romantic atmospherein each of our guest rooms & annex accommodations. Our Montreal guesthouse is furnished with unique art and furniture that your hosts have purchased from the local antique & retro boutiques.

Each of our guestrooms features private & shared bathrooms, king/queen sized beds, central air conditioning, and cable TV.

Each of our guest rooms includes exquisite linens on our antique beds, cotton towels and bath accessories.

We serve a complimentary expanded continental breakfast in the dining room, outdoors on the terrace (in the summertime) or in the common breakfast area. We also have snacks and refreshments available all day long. We want you to feel at home while you to enjoy your stay in total privacy.

We’re also happy to help with directions, reservations for local restaurants, information about plays or any other local evetns.

Our rooms also include fax service and computer hook up for your convenience. The subway (the metro) is only three blocks away and will connect you to all parts of the island.

Just three minutes away from La Loggia on foot, and you’ll be in the heart of every available diversion you may need, shopping, restaurants, clubbing – everything’s close-by.

There is plenty of metered and private parking right outside the door.

Pur Montreal accommodations also offer daily newspapers, magazines, and books. There’s even a barbeque area available for any guests who may want to grill a steak and enjoy the privacy of our beautiful terrace area before going out to the clubs.

The Terrace also has plenty of room to take in the sun as well as an outdoor shower just to cool off when the temperatures start soaring.

Looking for a great friendly place to stay in Montreal? Come stay with us at La Loggia Art B&B!

See the La Loggia Art B&B Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Outside Montreal’s Gay Village – The Mile End

Author: , April 4th, 2015

Montreal's Mile EndMontreal’s Gay Village has boys, booze, and clubs open past dawn. But if you want to start your mornings with legendary Montreal bagels and end your night at a lo-fi electro dance party before drifting home, spend a weekend in Montreal’s Mile End. It’s laid-back and welcoming to LGBT tourists and the tattooed, bike-riding, book-toting, locally-sourced goodness might have you wanting to stick around just a little longer.

Friday night:

Dine at Sparrow (5322 St-Laurent) for high-end pub fare by way of India and Morocco. The space feels like a British living room owned by a family of adventuring rugby player explorers circa 1930. If the weather isn’t cooperating, curl up on the windowside sofas and linger with a drink from a menu that repeatedly tops Montreal’s best cocktail lists. IMG_2362

Afterward, head to the Musee d’Art Contemporain (MAC). It’s not in Mile End, but the museum’s Les Nocturnes du MAC, on select Fridays throughout the year, are worth the trip. Check out French artist Sophie Calle’s Voir la mer, a short film capturing people’s first time seeing the sea, take a guided tour of the museum’s collection, hit the bar, and enjoy the DJs and video installations. This year’s Nocturnes are scheduled for April 10, June 16, and November 6.

By Kyle Valenta – Full Story at Towleroad.com | Quebec Gay Travel Resources

First Ever “Canada Pride” in Montreal in 2017

Author: , March 15th, 2015

MontrealThe first ever ‘Canada Pride’ is to be held in Montreal in 2017, following the success of Toronto WorldPride in 2014.

The 10-day celebration will take place from August 11-20, and will include sports events and an international conference on LGBT rights, plus an array of gigs, parades and parties.

The inaugural event will boast a budget of $2.3-3 million dollars, according to dailyxtra.com.

By Jamie Tabberer – Full Story at Gay Star News | Quebec Gay Travel Resources

Montreal’s Divers/Cité

Author: , January 18th, 2015

Image via Divers/Cite websiteThe night air had cooled, a contrast from earlier in the day when the summer sun soared high and bright overhead. Around me, a crowd (mostly gay, mostly male, mostly shirtless) undulated to a deep, rolling bass line heaved at us from onstage by European house duo Chus & Ceballos. As it tapered into a distant storm of drumbeats, the lights faded to a glow and highlighted the twinkling cityscape on one side and the glimmering waterfront on the other.

A young woman wearing a backpack and sparkly makeup pranced toward us, cackled something in French, and vanished back into the sea of bodies. I wiped the sweat off my brow and chugged some water as a flash of light anticipated the return of the drums. The beat hung overhead a brief moment, then opened into a downpour of synth, bass, and melodic vocals. The words sung in Spanish flooded the quay and washed us away.

What European electronic dance music hotspot is this? Paris? Mykonos? Ibiza? Au contraire, mon frere. It’s Divers/Cite, a weeklong international arts and culture festival that has taken place each summer in Montreal for over 20 years. In fact, in 1993 Divers/Cite organized the first Montreal LGBT pride celebration, which included a parade, a community fair, and an arts and music festival. In 2006, Divers/Cite organizers decided to create two distinct LGBT events: one focused on community development, and the other a full-fledged arts and music festival.

By Bryan van Gorder – Full Story at The Advocate | Quebec Gay Travel Resources

Image via Divers/Cite website

Montreal’s Le Village

Author: , December 11th, 2013

Montreal Le VillageYou know what Kinsey posited — we all have a percentage of gay in us. You may be 50-50, you may be 60-40. Hell, you might even be 98-2! But, he argued, all of us fall in a grey area. And what city knows this better than Montreal, one of the most gay-friendly places in the world. Whether you’re a native Montrealer, or from a small town, all agree that there’s no better place to get your heteroflexible on than in this bilingual metropolis. Full-fledged homo already? Perfect! You’ll feel right at home. And what better place to get your queer on than the Gay Village itself.

Now I know this makes it sound like I’m encouraging everyone to hurry up and go make out in a Village cafe bathroom, but trust me, entrepreneurs caught on a long time ago…and bathroom doors are now locked.

Montreal Le VillageGoing to the Village, you’ll soon see that there are many things to do–there’s partying, walking down the blocked-off streets in summer, people-watching, shopping, and, for an increasing amount of people, choosing to move to the neighbourhood for good. Here’s why it’s appeal is only growing over time.

It Gets Better

Whether you’re gay or straight or asexual or really self-involved, you’re sure too appreciate the tight-knit community you’ll find in the Village. The diversity makes people more accepting of each other, so whether you’re a gay couple, a gay family, or just a plain old Joe looking to experience a diverse and inclusive environment, this might be the place for you.

Far from being just a party neighbourhood (the fiestas are usually reserved for Sainte Catherine Street), walking around the village you’ll be surprised to find tree-lined streets with an assortment of charming old triplexes, B&Bs, and small-scale shops and studio spaces that blend beautifully into the surrounding streetscape. So walk around and take it all in, because everyone here is welcome.

Ah, the Great Outdoors

Montreal Le VillageWorried this visit will leave you too confined to the city? Don’t worry! The Village has the largest abundance of wildlife on the Island of Montreal–here you’ll find bears, cubs, otters, foxes, and the occasional lone wolf. And it’s not as weird as it sounds to say that you’ll find them alongside leather daddies and baby dykes with backwards baseball caps and skater shoes.

So let’s get your homo lexicon up to date: A bear– an older, larger, very hairy gay man. A Cub– a younger hairy gay man who is sure to grow up into a bear. Otter–Also a hairy gay man, but markedly smaller and leaner than a bear. Fox– young man, also sometimes known as a twink when lean and hairless. Wolf– similar to an otter, but more sexually agressive or on the prowl. A baby dyke is a girl who has just come out and is determined to look as gay as possible. Leather daddy? Use your imagination…


Montreal Le VillageLest you start growing sleepy at the thought that the Village is all picturesque B&Bs surrounded by exceptional fauna with a backdrop of double rainbows in the sky, let’s talk about all the festivals that happen yearly. During the summer months, Sainte-Catherine Street is blocked off for pedestrian use only. Restaurants spill over into the streets and tourists and locals alike enjoy the culinary offerings of the area and perhaps indulge in some daytime sangria.

Street performances and shows abound, and for several weeks you’ll be able to enjoy all the events put on by Divers/Cite and its more radical queer counterpart, Pervers/Cite (although the latter does not happen in the Village proper). Fierte Montreal Pride follows, which includes the famous gay pride parade and the recently instated (and personal favourite) Dyke March.

Everything is Here

The Village is close to many of the city’s more, ah, hetero, neighbouroods, if you’re into that kind of thing. Go north to Sherbrooke Street and you’ll find yourself on the Plateau and just a few steps from Parc Lafontaine. Go south a bit and you’ll find yourself in the Old Port. You’re just west of Downtown and Le Quartier des Spectacles at Place des Arts. Never want to leave your homosexual cornucopia? Do you find the world turns from colourful to black and white as soon as you reach Berri UQAM? No problem. The Village affords for than enough shopping to keep you satiated for one more day. Amherst Street in particular is home to interior decorating shops like Cite Deco, Second Chance, and Spoutnik. Bikurious on Amherst will help you with all your bicycle-fixing needs, and for a sliding-scale price will give you a “Lesbian Haircut for Everyone”. Boutique Osez and Evolution are staples for men’s clothing.

Getting Edgy

Montreal Le VillageYour life is as edgy as you make it. What for one person could be a sweet and simple night out dancing at Unity with friends, could, for another person, result in some pretty hot-and-heavy activity. Intrigued? Make sure to also try out Parking and Sky, some of the Village’s most popular nightclubs. What, for some, could be a simple day out shopping could, for some, turn into leather-chaps sampling at Priape or Fetish Armada on Saint-Catherine. Some will simply go to bars for a drink.

Others will go to men-only clubs with promising names like “Le Stud”, or to Chez Mado, the most popular drag venue in Montreal. So when you’re in the Village, the option is there, and it’s completely up to you. What would you like to do tonight? Go out to dinner, stay in and relax… or perhaps explore a side of yourself that’s just itching to get out?

See you there!

When she isn’t toying with the idea of going to sea, going back to bed, building a cabin in the woods, or opening a bottle of good whiskey, Laura Brouillette is the bullet that just passed you on the bike path. She is also a copywriter, people watcher, white water rafting guide, and a blogger for GuideHabitation.ca

Five Things to Do for Free in Montreal

Author: , November 9th, 2013

Old Montreal

Old Montreal

It’s a taste of French culture in North America: Montreal. The city on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec offers walks down centuries-old streets lined with elegant architecture and historic sites. Locals chat in French but easily switch to English to accommodate visitors. French treats like croissants, crepes and macarons are easy to find, while maple syrup, smoked meats and poutine – brown gravy and cheese curds over french fries – add Canadian charm to local menus.

Best of all, many of the city’s best attractions can be experienced for free, from Old Montreal to Mount Royal Park to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Here are five free things to do on a visit to Montreal.

MOUNT ROYAL: You can look up and see the towering trees of Mount Royal from nearly everywhere in Montreal. The nearly 500-acre (200-hectare) park tops out at 770 feet (235 meters) and boasts running, hiking and biking trails, an overlook onto downtown Montreal and a large lake. Frederick Law Olmsted, the man behind New York’s Central Park, drew the plans for the park, which was dedicated in 1876. There’s no charge to explore its monuments, cemeteries, public art and pavilions. Highlights include the tall Mount Royal Cross, which is lit at night. The park also offers opportunities to swim, skate, ski, sled and picnic. More information at http://www.lemontroyal.com.

Authored By Caryn Rousseau – See the Full Story at Edge Boston

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Great Montreal Dining Without the High Price Tag

Author: , August 24th, 2013

Downtown MontrealIn a city that claims to be the most European city in North America, I was expecting a restaurant scene with white table cloths and extravagant prices to match. But Montreal surprised me. From no-frills lunch spots, to after-work happy hour bars, and high-end dinner options, this island city in the province of Quebec has plenty to offer, all at a reasonable price. Here are some of my favorite restaurants in Montreal:

Brunch and Lunch

Pastaga: Located in the heart of the Mile End, Pastaga has plenty of charm, but without trying. Don’t be fooled by the casual atmosphere – wood furnishings, high-top tables, and mix-and-match light fixtures – the food that Chef Martin Juneau churns out is both delicious and unique. I took a chance and followed my waiter’s recommendations to try the blood pudding that was baked into a pie. While there are no English versions of the menu, everyone speaks the language and can offer up their favorites, or translate whatever looks tasty to you. One of the best features of this restaurant? You and your party, however big or small, can sit in the kitchen and watch as the chefs make your meal. (We didn’t because it can get pretty hot in the summer.) Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays; lunch on Fridays; dinner everyday; brunch entrees from about $13.50

Authored By Amanda Black – See the Full Story at Sherman’s Travel

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Photos from Boybutter’s Trip to Montreal

Author: , July 10th, 2013

Old MontrealBoybutter’s Eyal Feldman just got back from Montreal – and he’s got the photos to prove it:

You have to check out some of the lovely photos from our recent trip to Canada’s second largest city, Montreal. The city is the cultural and economic capital of Quebec and the main entry point to the province. It is a city rich in culture and history and a well-deserved reputation as one of the liveliest cities in North America. Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking (as a mother language) city in the world, behind Paris. The population of Montreal is about 1.9 million, with 4 million in the metro area. There is a lot to do for any tourist and boy can it get hot and humid in the summer, felt more like Miami than what you would expect Montreal to feel like.

We were just there in late May and loved the city – it’s cosmopolitan, small-townish and very gay friendly.

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Purple Roofs Gay Travel Newsletter: Win Trips to SF, NYC, NJ; Buenos Aires, Montreal, Sacramento, Venice, Zurich & More

Author: , June 15th, 2013

Mark and ScottPurple Roofs Newsletter 6/15/13

Our articles section now has four parts – local news, general interest, travel event news (including upcoming events and reviews and photos of past events), and finally sweepstakes and contests.

We’ve got lots of other great stuff for you this month, too – including a huge number of feature articles on Argentina; Italy; Mexico; Switzerland; Sacramento, CA; Branson, MO; and Asbury Park, NJ.

We also just got back from Montreal, and bring you a series of reports on this fantastic European city in Canada.

And we’re featuring a number of other gay travel articles from around the world.

You’ll also find some great accommodation specials and discounts, tons of upcoming gay travel events, and much more.

Our Newsletter Sponsor: Applewood Inn, Guerneville, California

Applewood Inn - Guerneville, CaliforniaFeatured on Public Television’s Great Country Inns program and named one of the West’s best Small Inns by Sunset Magazine, Applewood offers an oasis of style and luxury in the Russian River Valley. The Mediterranean villa compound is home to an acclaimed California/Provencal restaurant and award-winning wine cellar. An ideal hideaway for city-weary travellers. Restaurant has Michelin Star.

Visit the Applewood Inn Expanded Listing

Our Featured Articles This Month:

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Carlos meliaARGENTINA: Buenos Aires – The Silver City (Carlos Melia Blog)
by Carlos Melia
This morning after 10 hours flight, I landed in Buenos Aires. Photo above is of the sun coming out over Buenos Aires, while landing at EZEIZA International Airport. The silhouette of the city with the Rio de la Plata behind shinning silver as the sun came out. Buenos Aires the “Silver City”. Argentina = Argentum (Ag) = Silver. The paradigm traced back to the first voyages made by the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors to the Rio de la Plata which means “Silver River”, in the first years of the 16th century.
Full Story

MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – Arrival
by Scott & Mark
We just got back from 6 nights in the beautiful city of Montreal. We visited nine different districts and areas in the city, and we’ll tell you about them all over the next couple of weeks. Montreal is a city that’s full of wonderful contradictions – it’s half European and half North American; half French and half English; half winter and half summer. Having just spent five days there, we’re still trying to figure it all out. But it’s also a very clean, gay friendly, and welcoming city. We chose Montreal because of its European flair, the fact that it’s a place that we’ve never visited before, and a family connection – Mark has a nephew who lives there with his fiancee.
Full Story

Montreal MetroCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – Getting Around
by Scott & Mark
There are two easy and cheap ways to get around Montreal. The first is your own two feet. When the weather is good, Montreal is a very walkable city. City blocks are short, and there are many defined districts that are friendly to foot traffic – some, like St. Catherine in the Village and St. Paul in the Old Port, are even closed to car traffic in the summer, making them ideal pedestrian thoroughfares. Though Gabe warned us that drivers aren’t very attentive here when it comes to pedestrians, we had no trouble – just pay attention when you cross the street.
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Evening in MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – Downtown
by Dolly Goolsby
The financial heart of Montreal is the downtown area – this is where the skyscrapers are, as well as the banks, the financial institutions, and the malls. Bounded by The Mountain on the north and the Old Port on the south, Downtown is also where a lot of the shopping is. Take the Underground City. It’s not a city at all (see? contradiction!) – it’s a series of malls and connected tunnels underneath downtown. We set out on the one rainy day we had with the intent of seeing the whole thing. But just the first eighth of it encompassed three malls on four levels. And after seeing the same stores in separate malls for the third or fourth time, we bailed.
Full Story

Old MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – Old Port
by Scott & Mark
Old Montreal (The Old Port) is one of my two favorite districts in the city. It’s basically one road – St. Paul – that winds along a block behind the waterfront, and then the waterfront itself. This is where the European charm comes in – wandering down St. Paul is like visiting old Europe, as the road snakes along past two and three story stone buildings filled with boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. To get there, get off the Orange Line at the Square-Victoria station, and walk down McGill Street to William Street and turn left. Follow this street up to St. Francis Xavier and make a left – you’ll pass some beautiful historic buildings (like the one at left) and a nice park on the way.
Full Story

Montreal - Gay VillageCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – The Gay Village
by Scott & Mark
The Village is Montreal’s gay district, and includes a long stretch of St.Catherine’s street, where you’ll find most of the shopping, and a sizable residential area that wraps around it. To get here, take either the Green or Orange Line and get off at the Berri Uqam station and look for the exit to St. Catherine Street. Turn left, and you’re there. St. Catherine is the largest gay shopping district in North America, and it goes on for block after block after block. In the summertime, most of the street in the Village is closed to auto traffic (but be careful because cross streets are not closed) and thousands of pink balls are hung on strings up and down the street, giving it as very festive and gay look.
Full Story

Le 33 Brasseurs, Rue St. Denis, MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – Rue St. Denis
by Scott & Mark
While it’s not technically a district – it’s just a street – it connects the Village, the Theatre District, The Plateau, and ultimately Little Italy. St. Denis, from the lower Plateau down to the Village, is filled with places to eat and shop, including a mac store (not Apple). We ate breakfast here at a cute little boulangerie, called Mamie Clafoutis, on St. Denis at Rue Cherrier – they had some delicious pastries, including an apricot danish, a bread pudding (very dense and filling), and an apple turnover, as well as some amazing looking cakes and sandwiches.
Full Story

The Mountain, MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – The Plateau and The Mountain (Purple Roofs)
by Scott & Mark
Montreal’s downtown and the Village are down by the river – did you know the city of Montreal is actually an island in the St. Lawrence River? Just above the village, the land slopes up along the base of The Mountain to form the Plateau, a residential district with beautiful homes – a great walking destination to see some of the beautiful neighborhoods. Gingerbread Mansion, mentioned in our Village section, sits at the intersection of The Plateau, The Village, and The Theatre District. The Mountain is actually a large hill, part of which was built up with dirt from the excavation of the Metro system. It’s covered with bike and walking paths, grassy meadows, and two lookouts that you can hike up to.
Full Story

Church in the Mile End, MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – The Mile End (Purple Roofs)
by Scott & Mark
There’s a part of downtown called the Golden Square Mile – at the end of this, the Mile End begins. It’s a funky little district on the Plateau that’s the home to Montreal’s independent music scene. It’s also filled with little cafes, restaurants, and gelato/ice cream shops. To get here, take the Orange Line to Laurier Station and walk west on Ave, Laurier to St. Laurent, or take the 80 Bus up Park Ave. and get off anywhere between Laurier and Bernard and walk East into the District. We ate a lot here… for breakfast, we found a couple options – Traiteur Maestro at Rue St. Urbain and Rue St. Viateur has good pastries, but get there early – they go fast.
Full Story

La Petite Italie - Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCANADA, QUBEC: Welcoming Montreal – La Petite Italie
by Scott & Mark
Montreal also has a good-sized Little Italy, just past the Mile End… we didn’t have anything to eat up here, but there’s a huge farmer’s market here with a number of cafes and other food stands and shops here. We did have dinner here on our first night – Gabe and Erica took us to Ellefsen (Rue St. Zotoque and St. Denis). While we were there, we tried a Montreal specialty – the Poutine. It’s really gross – basically french fries, gravy and cheese curds – but strangely compelling as well. Most Montrealers eat them as a meal.
Full Story

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium - MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – Olympic Park
by Scott & Mark
Olympic Park was built for the Winter Olympics in 1976 – there’s a stadium, a theater, and a number of other amenities. It’s just a few minutes northeast of the Village. To get here, take the Green Line toward the Honore-Beaugrande station, and get off at the Viau station. The park is just outside of the station. We visited two of the tourist attractions here. The first was the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. It’s brand new – just opened in April 2013. $18 gets you into the interactive museum, where you can drive a Mars rover or terraform Mars, and into the two shows, which run in French or English.
Full Story

Biosphere - St. Helen's Island, Montreal, QuebecCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – St. Helen’s Island
by Scott & Mark
Our final district is the Island of St. Helena – home to the Biosphere, built in 1967 as part of the US Pavilion for the 1967 World Fair Expo. The island was built with fill, and has a pretty lagoon and a space where periodic fairs and events are held. To get here, go to the Berri Uquam Metro and get on the Yellow Line (it only goes one way from here) and take it to the first stop. The Biosphere is a huge geodesic dome, open to the air . It originally had an acryllic shell, but it was burned off in an accidental fire in 1976, and was never replaced. The site was purchased by Environment Canada in 1990, and a five floor museum was built inside that’s dedicated to teaching people how to care for the environment.
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Mark in MontrealCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – What We Learned
by Scott & Mark
While we were in Montreal, we learned a lot about the city and its inhabitants. Here are our main takeaways. Enjoy! 1) “It’s just five minutes away”, or “It’s right around the corner”. This is the Montreal version of “your table will be ready in 15 minutes”. No matter what it is and where it is, Montreallers think it’s “just five minutes away” or “just around the corner”. Don’t trust them. Trust your GPS. 2) Tea Here is Usually Sweetened. And it’s often pre-made that way. As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t want sweetened tea, ask before you order, and try Cafe Starbucks.
Full Story

Montreal ArtCANADA, QUEBEC: Welcoming Montreal – The Art of The City & The Rest of the Photos
by Scott & Mark
Montreal is full of art, some of it official, some of it by street artists, and some of it a mixture of the two.

We saw it wherever we went, and here are some of our favorite examples.

We’ll also throw in a few more photos we didn’t have room for in the other Montreal blogs. Enjoy!
Full Story

Dolly in VeniceITALY: Visiting Venice
by Dolly Goolsby
Yes! We are in Venice now. Friday, in Florence, the plan had been for the last three travelers to arrive at the apartment in the early afternoon..as it turned out, the weather in Florence did not cooperate. It was so windy that planes could not land at the airport. Arlene’s flight was diverted to Bologna, Shelora landed in Pisa, then later, Rose’s flight was also diverted to Bologna. So they all got a scenic bus trip into Florence. However, after they all arrived safely, and we enjoyed a Happy Hour drink at the OK Bar, across the street from the apartment, we had dinner, and shared travel stories.
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Bolzano VineyardsITALY: Visiting Bolzano and Castelrotto
Ja, we are in Sudtyrol…still in Italy, but one wouldn’t know that form the food and the language. Now the people speak German, the food is heavier, and beer is the beverage of choice. Yesterday we spent the day in Bolzano. First we had a Tyrolean lunch, then went to the Museum of Archeology to see Ortzi, the iceman. He is a mummy that was discovered up in the mountains in 1991. I have been to this museum before, but the trip is always worthwhile. Later, we took a gondola ride, up the mountain to Oberbolzen. Some of the group hiked down to see the Earth Pyramids. I declined, as I did that a couple years ago, and wasn’t sure I would make it back up the trail.
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CastelrottoITALY: Celebrating in Castelrotto
by Dolly Goolsby
Today was a very interesting day. Today the town was celebrating Corpus Christi, which is held every year, supposedly 50 days after Easter. I learned from the owner of our hotel that Corpus Christi is always on a Thursday. In Germany and Austria the celebration is held on that day, but in Italy it is celebrated on the Sunday following. Therefore, the huge parade after a Holy Mass at the church. I was fortunate to have a ring side standing place, so I got quite a lot of good pictures, including one video that runs for 9 minutes, with the music from the bands included. I won’t try to send that to you, but if you want to see it after I get home, it is on this little iPad.
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Dolomites - DollyITALY: Leaving the Dolomites
by Dolly Goolsby
I am a bit sad today because we had to leave the Dolomites. We had 4 lovely days there. Monday and Tuesday were absolutely wonderful days for hiking. No rain, and the temperature, although a bit cool, made it perfect for hiking. We were in groups of 2, as everyone had their own ideas of what they wanted to do, and that made things easy. Everyone got to do their own thing. First we took a bus from our hotel to the gondola station at Seiser Alm, and rode the gondola up to Compatsch, a little town at the beginning of the Alpe di Suisi meadow. “Meadow” makes it sound a bit like a cow pasture, but it is actually miles long and wide, with trails and lifts to different areas of the area.
Full Story

Cenote entrance smallerMEXICO, YUCATAN: Cenote Summer – Part II
by CasaDelMaya
Last time I wrote about some of the cenotes one can visit just a few minutes from Merida. We continue our cenote summer with a look at a fantastic little cenote in the town of Chochola, just 10 minutes from Merida’s main square. For 17 pesos each we hopped a van to Chochola. The driver let us out in the main square, and we walked three blocks to San Ignacio cenote. From the front it is nothing special to look at; we could see a couple of palapa buildings. You never know what you’re going to get when you arrive at one of the over 3,000 watering holes in the Yucatan. The San Ignacio cenote exterior belies its stunning cenote cave.
Full Story

DSC_0487MEXICO: Riviera Nayarit
by Carlos Melia
Relatively unknown to many international travelers until only a few years ago, the Riviera Nayarit may be a fresh destination on the Mexico tourism travel scene. Just north of Puerto Vallarta, in the neighbor state of Jalisco, Mexico and spanning over 190 miles along the Pacific coast of Nayarit, Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit is not only a perfect holiday destination, but also the ideal place where many are establishing their temporary or permanent residence.
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Bernina Express - Italy to Switzerland - DollySWITZERLAND: Riding the Bernina Express
by Dolly Goolsby
Wow! What a lovely train ride we had today. We left Varenna this morning under beautiful sunny skies, which was amazing, as we had experienced thunder, lightning and rain most of the night last night. I had gone to the travel agent in town to get some help with train tickets from Varenna into Switzerland. So I had all our timetables and tickets to get to Pontresina in the Alps. We boarded the regional train and took it to Tirano, which is barely over the border. From there we had to change trains, from the Italian Trenitalia, to the Swiss rail system. We got on a lovely, comfortable train car, sat back and relaxed, and lo and behold, we were on the Bernina Express.
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Glacier Express, SwitzerlandSWITZERLAND: Riding the Glacier Express
by Dolly Goolsby
As I said yesterday, we were going on another scenic train today. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we had a wonderful trip over the Alps. We left Pontresina this morning about 9:00 and boarded the Glacier Express train at 9:30 in Samedan. The train started climbing, then we went through a tunnel that spiraled down a mountain. That was interesting. Kind of made some of us a bit queasy! We could see the front of the train as we went over the Landwasser Viaduct. The train kept climbing, but we could see a village below us.
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Zermatt, SwitzerlandSWITZERLAND: Last Day in Zermatt
by Dolly Goolsby
Well, today is our last day in Zermatt. We were so fortunate to have sunny skies over the Alps on Saturday, as yesterday and today have not been so nice. We have had rain showers, off and on for both days, but not hard enough to keep us inside. Some of us stayed in town and explored the streets here, while the intrepid hikers took to the trails. Today, the hikers took the gondola up to Kleine Matterhorn and the Ice Palace. Janis said it started snowing on them as the ascended in the gondola, but stopped soon. She said everything up there was pretty much whited out, so no good views of the Matterhorn today. They then took the gondola down to Furi, got off the gondola and hiked back to town.
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Zurich, Switzerland - DollySWITZERLAND: Our Last Day in Zurich
by Dolly Goolsby
Wow! I am really falling behind in my blogging. Once again, we are moving, but most are going different directions. Our group tour officially ended on Tuesday, June 12, but 5 of us elected to stay on in Zurich for another day. On Tuesday, we arrived in Zurich barely in time to get lunch before everything closed for the afternoon. We got checked into our hotel, then took a walk along the Bahnhofstrasse, the Main Street from the train station to the lake. It was such a nice day, we decided to take a short (2 hour) cruise around the lake. We sat up top, had our afternoon aperitif, and watched the swans swim by, one hardy person wake boarding, some sail boats, but we also just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful view.
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Sacramento Gay pride 2013USA, CALIFORNIA: Thousands Attend Sacramento Pride
by Scott & Mark
We just got back from Sacramento’s Gay Pride Celebration – by our estimates, there were several thousand folks there, from hot young gays to grandmothers with little dogs. We marched this year in the Marriage Equality USA contingent – there were about nine of us in the group, and we were the eleventh group to march down the parade route. The route was a marked improvement over a few years ago, when the parade went down the same street as the local metro line – the trains didn’t stop, so every few minutes a train would rumble up and sit between us and the parade.
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by Don & Ray
Branson is located between Kansas City, St. Louis, Little Rock, Tulsa and Memphis. Unless you are driving you will need to fly directly into Branson or Springfield, Missouri. FISK LIMOUSINES, www.fisklimo.com has been serving the Branson and Springfield area for over 30 years and they are the best of the best. They will take care of all of your traveling needs in the area. There are literally dozens and dozens of motels and hotels in Branson and like any other tourist destination, it is always best to go during the week.
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USA, NEW JERSEY: Asbury Park – Let’s Go To the Beach!
by Jim Koury, Diversity Rules Magazine
Did someone say, ‘Let’s go to the beach?’ Well, if you’re from Jersey, it’s time to ‘head down the shore.’ Super-storm Sandy had no mercy on our sisters and brothers who live and work in this ocean-side region. So, consider helping the local economy by visiting Asbury Park, New Jersey. This beach community started its existence as a jewel of the Jersey Shore. During the golden days, seven United States Presidents vacationed within easy travel to Asbury Park (Arthur, Garfield, Grant, Harrison, Hayes, McKinley, and Wilson). However, the mid-twentieth century was not kind to Asbury Park. Nonetheless, the LGBT community grabbed the Victorian homes and businesses and began returning the City back into its original splendor – a work in progress that continues today.
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More Gay Travel News

We also scour the web to bring you all the gay travel news we can find. You can see these posts on a daily basis at http://www.purpleroofs.com/gay-travel-blog, or sign up for our RSS feed. Here are some of our favorites from the last month.

Local Stories:

CANADA, QUEBEC: Magical Montreal (Edge Boston)
When Luc Provost transforms into Mado Lamotte, one of Montreal’s most famous drag queens, it’s a magical moment. His over-the-top makeup and costumes make Mado edgy, unique, beautiful and welcoming – much like his native city. And like Provost, Montreal undergoes its own transformation every summer.
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CHINA: Pink Season in Hong Kong (Passport Magazine)
Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, see all kinds of ships. Yet a fleet of vessels one early October day in 2012 carried no ordinary cargo or Hong Kong denizens, a.k.a. Hongkies, in casual local-speak. Indeed, these junk boats were packed with celebrating queers of all ages, backgrounds, and genders.
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CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague Welcomes the Rainbow People (Passport)
Look, it’s the rainbow people!” It’s not the first thing you’d expect to hear a Prague cop gush, but this was August 2012, and the Czech capital’s police force was hot off its LGBT sensitivity training in advance of the city’s second-ever Pride parade.
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GEORGIA: Lesbian Travel: Georgia (The Country) (Autostraddle)
I spent half of last year in Georgia-the-country, in a tiny village half an hour from the Black Sea, surrounded by chickens and cows and abandoned tea plantations. It’s the land of Colchis, where Jason found the Golden Fleece, and Prometheus is said to be chained to either Mt Kazbek or Mt Elbrus.
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GUATEMALA: Guatemala is Gay-temala (Dallas Voice)
In a world economy, one of the biggest considerations in international travel is how strong your buying power is overseas. While Europe can be pricey, the world in the other Americas add great value to their long list of treasures.
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KENYA: Lesbian Travel: Safari in Kenya (Go Girlfriend)
The time had finally arrived to head out on safari and I was curious to see how this Safari in Kenya would compare to my previous one in Tanzania.
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PERU: Spartacus Says Peru is Least Gay Friendly Country in South America (Peru This Week)
Peru has been named as the least gay-friendly country in South America, by the Spartacus International Gay Guide.
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SLOVENIA: Traveling in Eastern Europe – Slovenia (Source)
I had a very busy first day in Slovenia this week on the second stop of my LGBT human rights/cultural exchange mission for the US State Department. In Ljubljana, the country’s lovely capital city, I was met by Mitja Blazik, one of Slovenia’s most important LGBT activists, who served as my tour guide.
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SPAIN: Watch: It’s a Hot (Gay) Summer in Barcelona (Towleroad.com)
It’s gonna be a long, hot summer in Barcelona – local gay bar Bimbambum just released this sexy new video.
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THAILAND: Bangkok – Gay Shopping and Attractions (GayTravel.com)
Bangkok, Thailand – A city where ancient traditions meet new visions. Where treasures and culinary treats are hidden around every corner! This is a city filled with expats, travelers, and locals melding together to create what is known as the Bangkok experience.
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THAILAND: Phuket – A Gay Travel Paradise (GayTravel.com)
Located in South Thailand, and the #1 tourist island, Phuket attracts LGBT travelers with its beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain, and beach lifestyle. With over 39 islands surrounding Phuket, many visitors fly to the island, spend a few days, and island hop to the smaller islands.
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TURKEY: Vacationing on the Turkish Riviera (GayTravel.com)
Filled with eastern promise, overflowing with wonderful beaches and boasting a superb climate, there are few countries that offer more as a holiday destination than Turkey.
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With the past couple centuries of North American “settlement” moving east to west, it’s no wonder that the great Pacific Northwest might seem somewhat untamed, relative to much of the continent.
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USA, DELAWARE: Rehoboth Beach for Gay Pride – Or Whenever (GPhilly)
Heading to Delaware for Pride this year, or just to see Rehoboth Beach? GPhilly has your back – with where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in the Ultimate Gay Guide to Rehoboth.
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USA, HAWAII: On the Big Island (Passport Magazine)
Hawaii’s Big Island, the island that’s actually named Hawaii, can be a challenging place to discover as it’s not as immediately accessible, either geographically or emotionally, as an island like Oahu.
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USA, LOUISIANA: Doing New Orleans On Foot (Go Girlfriend)
Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight. This is the Big Easy, after all. The history of New Orleans isn’t an easy one – slavery, plagues, fires, floods – but the people here are amazingly resilient.
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USA, NEVADA: Business and Pleasure in Las Vegas (Windy City)
Great trip ideas can come from travel columns like this one, from your favorite travel magazine or recommendations from friends and family. Business travel–if planned correctly–can be a perfect time to research your next pleasure trip.
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USA, NEVADA: With the Opening of Krave Massive, Las Vegas to Be a Premier Gay Travel Destination (Edge Boston)
Summer means vacation, and no place on earth offers more than Las Vegas. Where else are you going to get performers like dance-music hitmakers Ke$ha and Beyonce, legendary rock group Journey and rapper Lil Wayne – plus the opening of the largest gay entertainment complex in the country?
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USA, NEW YORK: Video – Getting to Fire Island (Passport Magazine)
Just got wind of this sexy new video on getting to Fire Island Pines for Pride – or whenever this summertime.
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USA, NEW YORK: While You’re in New York City for Pride… (Edge Boston)
If you’re going to NYC for Gay Pride at the end of June.
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USA, NEW YORK: Weekend on Fire Island (Carlos Melia Blog)
It’s almost every year for the last 6 years, that we come to Fire Island to spend long Holidays Weekends and others. It’s the opening the Summer 2013 season.
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USA, NEW YORK: Fire Island Pines for Beginners (Queerty)
With the release of Tom Bianchi’s new photobook paying tribute to the beautiful male specimens of a lost era and the Pavilion making a comeback as highly anticipated among the gays as Cher’s new face and/or album, interest in Fire Island Pines has been, shall we say, reignited.
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USA, SOUTH DAKOTA: Five Free Things to Do in South Dakota’s Black Hills (Edge Boston)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial may be the most famous landmark in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but it’s not the only one.
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USA, WASHINGTON: Quick Escapes for Business Travelers in Seattle (Sherman’s Travel)
Seattle may have a reputation of being cloudy and rainy for the majority of the year, but if you’re in town for a week on business, chances are, you’ll get at least one or two days that’ll make you want to relocate.
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Gay Event Reviews:

CHINA: Country Celebrates Gay Pride Parade for the First Time (Gay Star News)
What’s believed to be China’s first gay pride parade occurred on IDAHO day this year – and there’s a video.
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ISRAEL: Tel Aviv Celebrates Its Biggest Gay Pride Parade Ever (Source)
Tel Aviv’s pride celebration was its largest yet, with over 100K people participating.
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UK, ENGLAND: Oxford Pride Goes On Despite Anti-Gay Attack (Gay Star News)
Despite an anti-gay attack, Oxford Pride marched on.
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UK, SCOTLAND: Hundreds Celebrate Edinburgh Gay Pride (Gay Star News)
Pride Scotia featured a pride march today with hundreds participating.
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USA, CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles Pride Was THIS BIG (WeHoNews)
Los Angeles held its annual pride celebration this last weekend, and it was HUGE.
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USA, TEXAS: Dallas’s Razzle Dazzle a Success (Dallas Voice)
The estimated attendance at the Razzle Dazzle Main Event was 4,100, down from 25,000 in 2012. But organizers said the dropoff was expected and mostly due to the fact that everyone on the Cedar Springs strip was counted as attending the event last year.
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USA, MASSACHUSETTS: Boston Pride – Out NBA Player Jason Collins, Senatorial Candidates Attend Celebration (pnjk)
Recently out NBA player Jason Collins marched in Boston’s Gay Pride Parade yesterday.
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USA, WASHINGTON DC: DC Pride Parade Draws 100K (LGBTQ nation)
DC also held its gay pride celebration this last weekend – and the parade Saturday was watched by more than 100,000 people.
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America Blog has a great video from DC Pride.
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USA, WISCONSIN: Milwaukee Pride Draws Record Numbers (Chicago Pride)
Even with so-so weather, Milwaukee Pride 2013 still managed to draw a lot of visitors.
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Reporting from Pride 6/3/13 (various)
Lots of new reports from gay pride events around the world are pouring in – it is Pride Season, after all. Enjoy!
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Upcoming Event News:

Gay Pride Season 2013 – Upcoming Events (various)
Here’s a recap of the upcoming Pride events from the last several weeks’ news. Enjoy!
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Gay Film Festivals This Month (various)
Looking for a gay film festival near you?
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paWorld Outgames to Come to Antwerp, Belgium in July (Edge Boston)
In Flemish myth the name is said to mean “throw the hand,” a reference to when the hero Brabo killed the giant Druon Antigoon at a river crossing. In an act of victory, Brabo cut off Druon Antigoon’s hand and threw it into the Scheldt River, giving the modern-day city of Antwerpen (“Antwerp,” in English) one of the more dramatic etymologies.
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US Virgin Islands: Olivia Travel’s 40th Anniversary Cruise to Feature Big Names (Edge Boston)
(Dec 28th-Jan 4th) Lesbian travel company Olivia is making a big splash with a lesbian celebrity cruise to the Virgin Isles, celebrating their 40th anniversary. Among special guests are Billie Jean King, Edie Windsor, Col. Grethe Cammermeyer, Chris Williamson and Tammy Smith.
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Win $1,000 from TownePlace Suites (PR)
(Sept 1) TownePlace Suites by Marriott launches today its “Travel Turning Point” photo contest. From now until September 1, 2013, travelers from across the United States and Canada* are asked to submit a photo and a caption that describes how a travel experience has been a positive turning point in their lives.

USA, CALIFORNIA: GayCities Contest: 49 Places in San Francisco That Make Us Proud (Queerty)
(June 30th) With the tantalizing allure of San Francisco Pride already in the air, our sister site GayCities has teamed up with AT&T and the San Francisco Travel Association to bring you 49 Places That Make Us Proud, where you can win amazing prizes just by visiting the best places in town!
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MARYLAND, USA: Win a Five Night Gay Travel Getaway on Tilghman Island
(Oct 1st) We’re running a great sweepstakes this month at Purple Roofs – win five nights from Purple Roofs and Black Walnut Point Inn at this great Maryland B&B.

NEW JERSEY, USA: TLAGAY Giving Away Two Nights at Sand Blast Weekend (TLA Gay)
(Jun 30th) TLAgay.com (http://tlagay.com), the leading retailer of gay home entertainment, today launched the Three Days and Two Nights of Hot Fun at Sand Blast Weekend sweepstakes.
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NEW YORK, USA: Kimpton Hotels Sponsors NYC Sweepstakes to Celebrate Pride (Passport Magazine)
(June 30th) The very gay-friendly Kimpton Hotels chain is giving away a prize package in NYC.
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