Eating Out in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Author: , February 17th, 2014

Eating Out in Mont TremblantDuring my visit to Mont Tremblant, of course I fancied it up for lovely breakfasts, lunches and dinner, but also I tried the local options and the some typical Quebecoise delights. The some of the highlights were my gourmet experiences at La Quintessence Restaurant, Patrick Bermand and sEb L’Artisan Culinaire.

But I also enjoyed to lovely lunches, one at La Diable Microbrasserie and the other at Windigo Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel Tremblant.

La Diable Microbrasserie, is a true icon of Mont Tremblant, and gathering spot for lunch, drinks and dinners for skiers from all over the world. Since December 1995, we have been welcoming adventurers galore who want to get to know our craft beers that are creating a stir in Quebec. I enjoyed a great lunch and degustation of local beers. A great way to kick off my Tremblant experience.

Windigo Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel Tremblant, during lunch, offers spectacular views of Mont Tremblant Station. Ski in, unwind over a chilled beer, try the great Onion Soup, and delight your eyes with the panoramic views.

Now, no visit to Quebec is complete, without trying some local iconic delights. which include Poutinerie (including daily Hand-Cut Yellow Fleshed fries, custom unique seasoning, fresh Quebec cheese curds and our signature rich homemade gravies). Best place for this will be Smoke’s Poutinerie.

Now time for desserts. First stop was the Sugar Shack. Maple products, soft ice cream with maple butter as well as honey and homemade jams, and my favorite the maple taffy on snow.

Last but not least, Beaver Tails for Canada’s favorite Whole-wheat pastries with your choice of toppings. A line of fried dough pastries, individually hand stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail. In my case I had it with Cinnamon and lemon.

A pending for my next visit, due to lack of time, is La Savoie for truly authentic fondues, raclettes and grill-stones. There you go, my 101 Eating in Mont Tremblant survival guide. Of course there are plenty more options in town, but being that I was there for only 4 days… there is so much I can eat right. Bon Appetit.

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Weekend Skiing in Quebec’s Mont Tremblant

Author: , February 11th, 2014

Carlos Melia SkiingIn my full winter olympics spirit, and invited by Tourisme Mont Tremblant, I spent my weekend at Mont Tremblant Station skiing in the Laurentian Mountains. And indeed my experience was very olympic and VIP, since my private instructor was Mrs. Ellen Guay, mother of the Canadian ski olympian Erik Guay.

So there where no room for error…. I spent a lovely weekend, only an hour away Non-Stop flight on Porter Airlines from New York City, staying at the exclusive Hotel Quintessence. Mont Tremblant, is North America’s second oldest Ski Resort at the highest peak of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. This year Tremblant is celebrating it 75th anniversary.

I spent a full day skiing and I must say, I LOVED IT. It was the right amount of people, great facilities, breathtaking scenery and pre/post Skiing the perfect balance of entertainment, relaxation, restaurants and happening.

I ski down both the North and South side of the mountain, only on the beginners runs, since I wanted to keep it safe…. after all I was working and reporting for you guys. I cannot wait to come back from more soon, this time…. on my private time.

Here is a survival list for Mont Tremblant in terms of Ski Gear. I come not very well prepared and I found all I needed either at the stores in the resort and at the Mont Tremblant Station Rental Shop, so do not panic. Obviously, equipment (ski, boots, poles). The helmet is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

The same goes for goggles, to protect your eyes from intense wind or snow. As for layers, it really depends on the weather, and the type of ski you are willing to do. If you are looking for a sporty, intense ski experience, I would recommend light layering, but with windstopping/humidity release attributes.

If it is really windy and cold, and you are not into very physical skiing, then you can go for something warmer. You might want to add a face mask to protect from frost bites in these conditions. For a morning like I had with temperature around -10C, I would go with warm smart socks, lightweight pants base layer, insulated snowpants, and similar for the body, lightweight base layer + polar or duvet depending on the weather, and a windstopping shell.

Good mitts are also primordial, and a Balaclava under your helmet if you have one, if not, a tuque with a neck warmer that you can wear high enough to cover your nose when it’s very cold.

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Carlos Melia Visiting Quebec’s Mont Tremblant

Author: , January 30th, 2014

Carlos MeliaThis weekend I will be reporting live from de Ville de Mont Tremblant, in Quebec, Canada. Invited by Tourisme Mont Tremblant and Hotel Quintessence, I will be spending four days, relaxing, researching, reviewing and skiing at this at North America’s second oldest Ski Resort at the highest peak of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. For that yesterday I went shopping to The North Face and Century 21, and got my gear ready, I mean, the forecast is 9 Degrees Fahrenheit (-13 Celsius) during the day, so I better be ready.

I found a few great things, like this Ear Warmers with built in speakers, so you can ski or snowboard at your own rhythm and tunes. (regular price USD 30. Century 21 discounted price USD 14). Got a few FlashDry T-Shirts from The North Face (USD 50 each) to stay dry and warm while out. And this AMAZING Wind Stopper performance running pants that you can wear out or under your jeans (USD 140). Finally two pairs of globes, both with iPhone Touch Screen system, so I can snap photos and videos even at the most adverse weather conditions.

Now back to my visit to Mont Tremblant, here is basically what I would be exploring. (JAN 30th to FEB 02nd, 2014). Hotels to stay and/or do Site Inspections: Hotel Quintessence, Fairmont Tremblant and Nature Cabin at Parc National Mont Tremblant. Restaurants to experience: Windigo Restaurant, Patrick Bermand Restaurant, and sEb L’Artisan Culinaire and a very local lunch experience at MicroBrasserie La Diable.

Activities planned: Skiing and Snowboarding of course, and on top of that, Snowshoewing, Dog’s Sledding (wow I haven’t done this since my Arctic experience in Sweden from Kiruna Airport to the ICEHotel). And of course, after all this, some unwinding and relaxation at Scandinave Spa, to enjoy a thousand-year old Scandinavian hydrotherapy tradition… perfect after a full day skiing, don’t you agree?

I will be flying Porter Airlines for the first time, Non-Stop from New York to the Ville de Mont Tremblant. So stay tuned to my blog and follow the minute by minute on CarlosMeliaBlog Instragram. I will also be reporting and representing LGTNetwork – Luxury Gay Travel Network, during my visit.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at The Carlos Melia Blog

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