UK: Milton Keynes to Host Gay Pride for the First Time This Year

Author: , April 14th, 2012

Rainbow FlagJoint organiser, 45-year-old Jo Green told The Milton Keynes Citizen: “Our aim is to raise awareness and encourage inclusive behaviour. Milton Keynes is vibrant, young, energetic and colourful and we should be allowed to celebrate this.” The event will take place on 11 August in Campbell Park,

Ms Green added: “We’re hoping more than 2,000 people will take part. It’s been said that one in 10 people is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. In Milton Keynes we have a population of 210,000, so that’s potentially 21,000 people.”

The event is backed by the Thames Valley Gay Police Association, the Gay Prison Officers Association, QAlliance, HQMK youth group and specialist nightclub Pink Punters.

Full Story from Pink News

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