Carlos Melia: Memories From Botswana

Author: , April 30th, 2012

Most people, when they get to know me up close and personal, they always ask me…. Carlos how can you have such an enormous Emotive Memory.

And I reply to them, how can I not ? after having had so many amazing and life changing experiences in my life while traveling this amazing world.

This time I am bringing to you, emotive memories from the hear of Africa in Botswana. Hope you enjoy them. Video Caption: Lions on the runway at Kwai River Lodge by Orient-Express, Botswana, Africa.

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Reminiscing About Palm Spring’s Dinah Shore Weekend

Author: , March 4th, 2012

Dinah Shore MemoriesIt’s been 22 years since my first Dinah Shore Weekend production. I was obviously much younger, and clearly wet behind the ears, but I was determined to elevate this small lesbian weekend centered around the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament to new heights.

Lesbians did not have the signature events the guys had. It was about time, and what better place than sunny Palm Springs, Calif., home of the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament? Palm Springs is a beautiful desert resort town, and today it enjoys a healthy and growing LGBT community, but this was not always the case.

When I started the Dinah, as it is called today, Palm Springs was a very Republican town, a place where one might imagine a young Rick Santorum might have played a few rounds. But there were enough liberals there, and enough lesbians already coming to the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament, for me to believe that it was the right spot for a burgeoning — but hopefully one day large-scale — lesbian event.

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