Nine Dino Destinations to Whet Your “Jurassic Park” Appetite

Author: , January 18th, 2015

DinosaurCan’t wait for the Jurassic Park sequel, “Jurassic World,” to hit theaters in June? Have your own prehistoric adventure at one of these fun-packed dinosaur destinations.

The Field Museum, Chicago

Home to “Sue,” the largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurs rex ever found, The Field Museum is a must see for budding paleontologists and adventurers. After you’ve gawked at Sue’s 42-foot long frame and 58 dagger-like teeth, explore the museum’s dinosaur collection, part of the Evolving Planet exhibit. $31 adult, $25 students, $21 children 3-11.

Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Paleontologist Earl Douglass came to the Utah-Colorado border in the early 1900s looking for mammal fossils. Instead, he discovered dinosaur bones — and a lot of them — at the site that eventually became Dinosaur National Monument . Head to the park’s Quarry Exhibit Hall to see more than 1,500 dinosaur bones, including Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Stegosaurus bones. $10 per vehicle.

By Teresa Bitler
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