Honolulu a Very Gay Friendly Destination

Author: , March 28th, 2010

Racially mixed and socially tolerant, mellow Hawaii has always been a soft spot for gays and lesbians. Honolulu, also affectionately called “Homolulu,” may have a smaller and more low-key gay scene compared to other U.S. cities its size, but what it lacks in heft it makes up for in friendliness.

Compared to other more closeted Asia/Pacific destinations, it’s pretty openly gay. Although Hawaii has taken a somewhat politically conservative bent in recent years, it’s still a live-and-let-live “hang loose”‘ kind of place. Honolulu acted as ground zero for the same-sex marriage movement in the United States, when in 1990 three gay and lesbian couples applied for marriage licenses at Honolulu City Hall – years before liberal Vermont or Massachusetts got in on the act. Gay marriage ultimately did not pass in the Aloha State, but the islands still appear regularly at the top of the list of favorite gay destinations worldwide.

Hawaii’s ancient history is rife with kings who proudly kept gay lovers and cross-dressing “mahu”‘ who can still be frequently spotted in the islands today. In fact, drag queens are so accepted in local society that the glitzy Universal Show Queen pageant every September has been held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.

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